Gold bullion is gold in its purest and most valuable form. Gold bullion is 24-karat gold that is often rendered into gold bars and sold in markets around the world. You can access those markets and buy gold bullion that you can save for a rainy day while holding the rest in anticipation of rising gold values over a matter of years and decades. If you are considering buying gold bullion, here are some good reasons to do so.


Gold Always Holds Value

Gold has never lacked value. Its beauty and luster have made it one of the most highly sought precious metals for thousands of years. There is a finite amount of gold, and can only more be obtained by mining it. Short of some alchemist coming up with an unlikely method to turn lead into gold, the precious metal will always hold a significant value that is apt to rise over time.

Relatively Inflation-Proof

Gold might decrease in value by a small margin, but it always has value and often outperforms currencies in holding that value. Inflation has been a big problem in the United States since the 2020 lockdowns decimated the national economy. Yet, as inflation rose in the United States, so did the value of gold. Gold is an inflation-proof commodity that is highly unlikely to plummet in value – ever.

Withstands Geopolitical Unrest

Governments rise and fall, but the gold that they hold always stays valuable. The same is not true of the currency produced by failed governments or the markets in which people might invest in corporations and other enterprises that are located within those nations. Gold withstands geopolitical unrest because it is valued in every developed nation around the globe and probably in every undeveloped nation, too.

No Conversion Rates for Gold

When you visit another nation, you need to convert any currency that you are carrying into local currency. The value of that currency fluctuates, so every nation provides a currency exchange rate that determines the relative value of foreign currency in various domestic markets. Gold does not have that problem. Instead, its value is determined by a global market, and you can sell your bullion to a buyer who will pay you in local currency.

Where to Buy Gold Bullion

You can buy gold bullion from a variety of sources and, ideally, store it in a safe deposit box. You also might want to place some in a safe inside your home or place of business, but that could make it more vulnerable to theft or robbery. A safe deposit box is the most secure location for gold bullion. The value of the security provided by armed guards, video surveillance, and other measures helps to offset the cost of one or more safe deposit boxes.