Samsung The Frame TV is a cutting-edge display that falls somewhere in the spectrum between conventional television and an art frame. When it is powered on, you can use it as a TV with a resolution of 4K, but when it is turned off, it transforms into a piece of stunning artwork. Using Samsung the Frame TV, you can easily turn any wall in your home into a replica of the Louvre.

Samsung The Frame TV features a matte display and bezels that can be customized, which is not dissimilar to an actual art frame that can be hung on the wall or placed on a stand. In the upcoming sections, we will discuss the various sizes available for Samsung’s The Frame TV 2022.

Facts About Samsung The Frame TV

Pricing And Availability

It should be no surprise that Samsung has attempted to manufacture Samsung The Frame in seven distinct variations, given the various sizes available for paintings.

32-inch (model number: QN32LS03BBF): $599.99.

43-inch (model number: QN32LS03BBF): $999.99.

50-inch (model number: QN32LS03BBF): $1,299.99

55-inch (model number QN55LS03BAF): $1,499.99.

65-inch (model number QN65LS03BAF): $1,999.99.

75-inch (model number QN75LS03BAF): $2,999.99.

85-inch (model number QN85LS03BAF): $4,299.99.

There are some distinctions between the different sizes, although the operating system, the interface, and the general art experience are all identical. For instance, the smaller ones have fewer options compared to the larger sets.


Samsung had put a lot of effort into making The Frame look like a painting when it was designed. Bezels on Samsung’s products now resemble picture frames, in contrast to the trend among most other companies, which is to make their products bezel-free. To complement the aesthetic of your home and furnishings, you can select a bezel that is either contemporary or beveled, each available in various colors and designs.

Samsung The Frame TV has a minimal number of ports, and its overall design is clean and uncluttered. The Samsung Slim-Fit Wall Mount, which is located on the back of the television, can be used to hang the television so that it is perfectly flat against the wall.

Other choices include a stand that can be adjusted to accommodate the television set and provide space for a sound bar, as well as a stand that has three legs and is designed to make the television most reminiscent of those found in picture galleries.

The jack for the One Connect service is the only port on the back, and it is used to connect the device to the One Connect Box situated somewhere else close to the TV. The connection cable length is 16 feet; however, a cable with a length of 49 feet is also available for special orders.

You should position the One Connect Box in a location that is easily accessible so that you can use the various ports that it contains. These components consist of a power connector, an Ex-Link service port, a charging port for USB 2.0, an audio port, four HDMI ports, and a coaxial cable connector. Additionally, there is an input port for One Connect.


How exactly does The Frame combine the most recent developments in TV technology with more traditional forms of visual art? In the Filmmaker Mode, it has been demonstrated through testing that the display can display accurate and rich colors. Even though it has a lower maximum brightness (317.8 nits), switching to a different mode produces significantly better results.

The brightness increases to 500 nits whenever HDR content is viewed in the Filmmaker Mode.   Additionally, the Frame covers 92.1 percent of the UHDAP3 color gamut, which is a reasonable figure compared to its competitors. Additionally, The Frame does not currently support Dolby Vision.

If you sit in front of the television, most videos will have a vibrant display. Since The Frame does not have a local dimming array, darker scenes in some movies may occasionally appear a little cloudy. This is because the contrast cannot be adjusted. In addition, the viewing angle of The Frame is not particularly good; if you move toward the edges of the television set, the picture may become distorted and appear gray.


The most compelling aspect of The Frame is its seamless integration with various forms of art. You have the option of selecting from a variety of works of art that have been organized into collections and categories. The television can be programmed to turn off automatically after a predetermined time if it does not detect any light or motion during that time.

There are a variety of choices available to you for your art selection. You can purchase individual items or subscribe to Samsung’s wares. You can use your photos by connecting your computer to the TV using a USB or by using the SmartThings app on your smartphone. Combining the matte option and the reflection-reducing matte screen causes every piece of art to shine and appear more realistic.


The Frame has a 40-watt audio system to make pleasing sounds for any content. It is never too loud, and even at the highest volume levels, there is no clipping. Sounds in almost all movies are clear.

Like most TVs, The Frame can’t do a good job regarding the lowest sounds (bass). On the other hand, the treble (the highest sound) can be heard better on the TV.

Smart Features

The Frame TV might be just what your Smart Home needs. Samsung’s Tizen operating system is built into the Frames TV. Even though this OS has a lot of good things about it, it also has some problems. For example, it may serve you content you don’t like, and some parts of the menu may not have basic options.

On the other hand, it’s good to know that several voice assistants, like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung Bixby, are supported. The Frame also lets you stream through Apple AirPlay 2.


The solar cell Remote for The Frame is one of the most daring TV innovations that Samsung has come up with in 2022. Instead of changing batteries, the solar panel on the remote charges itself with light from the sun and the inside.