Spending time with the entire family is not always easy due to daily obligations and other circumstances. As a result, you might want these moments to be more memorable and eventful than usual. The following unique family-friendly activities can serve as substitutes whenever you are feeling more ambitious than grabbing dinner or walking to the nearest park. 


1. Pick Your Own Food

Using fresh ingredients when preparing meals, desserts and drinks ensures that they taste great. Go straight to the source by taking the family to the nearest pick-your-own farm to select berries, lemons, apples, pumpkins and other produce. Then, look for delicious recipes that incorporate these ingredients and work as a team to complete them. 

2. See a Light Show

Light shows organized by experienced technicians can provide colorful and mesmerizing fun. From a show involving LEDs and drones in the summer to holiday lights in Maryland during the winter, there are a wide variety of light shows to watch throughout the year. They can not only entertain your loved ones, but also work as safe alternatives to fireworks. 

3. Create Art Together

No matter the medium, tools or techniques, art benefits all ages, from senior citizens to preschool children. You can paint, cut, glue or sculpt with your family at either the local art center or in library and community center programs. This activity can even be as simple as making a chalk drawing by the sidewalk. 

4. Re-Explore Your Town 

It is easy to take your town for granted since you already live there and likely know much about it. Avoid the usual hangout areas and instead pretend that you are tourists visiting the area. Contact the local national historical society or tourist centers to learn about the town’s historical facts and attractions. Everyone can look at the area with fresh eyes and even learn something new. 

Family outings such as these can provide exciting times while you bond with the others. Choose activities that can appeal to all ages while offering new thrills.