Are you a solo traveler with an itch for adventure? If so, you have likely already scoured the internet for great vacation ideas. More than likely, you’ve come across far too many that recommend family or couple visits. That’s not what you’re looking for, though. Instead, you want to learn about the best solo travel ideas to make your 2023 as jam-packed and adventurous as possible (without having to wait on your friends). Here are seven of them.


1: A Solo Safari

Why not take a solo safari? The best continent to do this is Africa. You can even find specific Solo Safaris in Kruger by Thorny Bush, which offers solo travelers the chance to witness the incredible African wildlife. Don’t worry – you’ll be assisted by an in-the-know tracker. Not only will it be safe, but you’ll also have a significant chance of seeing the likes of lions, elephants, hippos, buffalo, and cheetahs.

2: Work Abroad

One benefit of solo travel is that you can do what you want, including work. By working abroad, for example, by teaching or working in a local restaurant, you can earn money while experiencing a new culture.

3: Take a Historical Trip

If you’re interested in history, why not take a trip entirely focused on the pursuit of historical knowledge? For example, you could task yourself with discovering more about ancient Greece by visiting Athens. Or, you could spend a handful of weeks in Egypt, learning as much as possible about Ancient Egyptians and their ways of living.

4: Tour European Cities

If you want to explore an entire continent, consider doing a tour of European cities in 2023. Visit Edinburgh, which has the iconic Jazz and Blues festival in the summertime. Follow that up with a trip to Munich for breakfast at the Schneider Brauhaus. Then make your way to Italy, where you can eat as much pasta and pizza as your stomach allows.

5: Stay in an Isolated Cabin

If you want to get to know yourself on a deeper level, find a beautiful location with remote cabins and spend time with the one person you can always rely on. Some gorgeous locations for doing this include The Suttle Lodge in Oregan and Wiesergut in Austria.

6: Volunteer

Do you have a cause you truly care about? Perhaps you want to be part of elephant conservation in India. Or, maybe you’re enthusiastic about teaching kids – especially children who haven’t had a privileged start in life. If so, consider tying volunteer work into your travel plans.

7: Go to a Huge Music Festival

If you’re a solo traveler who likes to meet new people, consider going to one of the big music festivals around the world. Coachella takes place in California annually, showcasing the most popular modern music artists. You can also find a range of incredible headliners at Glastonbury Festival in England. For something a little more unusual, the Burning Man festival doesn’t just offer music but multiple kinds of art forms, including food, visual art, dance, and much more.