Exterior remodeling can be an effective way to improve your home’s appearance and overall value. Often, these projects are less costly than other renovations, like kitchen and bath remodels.

The exterior of your home can be one of the biggest influences on a potential buyer’s decision to purchase your home. The exterior of your home should be considered a priority in any home remodeling project.


Replace Your Roof

Regarding home exterior remodels, not all projects are created equal. One of the most cost-effective ways to transform your home is to replace your roof.

A new roof can make your home more appealing to buyers, preventing mold and mildew growth and keeping you safe from leaks and other common issues.

Depending on your budget, you can finance the costs of replacing your roof through a home equity line of credit.

There are many options for roofing materials, ranging from traditional shingles made of asphalt and slate to metal roofs that resemble other roofing styles but are more energy efficient. The type of material you choose for your roof will affect how much the project will cost. Finding a quality roof contractor to install a lasting roof is important regardless of your choice.

Replace Your Siding

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home or are just doing some minor maintenance, replacing your siding can be an effective way to boost the look and appeal of your property. Not only will it make your home look new and refreshed, but it’ll also protect it from water damage.

Another great reason to replace your siding is that it’ll reduce energy costs. If you have a lot of air leaks, it can cause your HVAC system to work harder than necessary.

It would help if you also considered repairing your siding when it wears out, as this will prevent further problems. This can include water damage and mold growth.

Add a Deck or Porch

Adding a deck or porch is a cost-effective home exterior remodeling project that can boost the value of your property. It can also allow you to enjoy your outdoors all year long.

Choosing the right style for your outdoor space depends on several factors. For starters, you should consider your lifestyle and what kind of activities you plan to use the area for.

Porches come in various styles and can be open-air or covered with motorized retractable screens for porches and shades. They can be a great option for people who want to spend more time outside but still want to avoid bugs and other pests.

Add a Garage

Adding a garage can add space and value to your home. It can also be an easy and cost-effective way to make your home more functional.

For example, you could convert your garage into a work area, home gym, or extra living room. In addition, a garage can be a great place to entertain guests.

When converting your garage, keeping your home’s exterior look in mind is important. This means keeping the palette of materials used outside to a minimum and using an architect to ensure your new garage blends in seamlessly.

If you don’t plan to convert your garage into a living space, insulating the walls and adding drywall is still very important. This will help your garage stay cool and save you money on energy costs.

Add a Fence

Fences can add privacy, security and appeal to any property, and a well-placed wall can be an especially cost-effective home exterior remodeling project. They come in various styles and materials, so you can find one that fits your budget, style preference and aesthetic needs.

Before installing your new fence, getting your property surveyed is a good idea. This way, you can be sure your fencing will stay on your property and not encroach on your neighbors. Having a permit before you start work is also a good idea.