While buying and selling a home are exciting, they can also be stressful if you don’t have the right real estate professional working on your behalf. Today’s real estate market favors sellers, and a knowledgeable real estate expert can make or break your home buying and selling experience. 

When finding a real estate expert, be sure to compile a list of real estate questions to ask them. While the list may have multiple questions about buying a home and selling a home, there are 5 essential questions to ask a realtor. 

If you’re ready to enlist the help of a real estate professional, then these 5 questions are imperative before hiring them for your next real estate endeavor. 

1. What Sets You Apart as a Real Estate Professional?

This question allows a real estate professional the opportunity to sell themselves as a leader in their field. If they’ve served on any real estate committees or won any awards, this would be their opportunity to showcase their accomplishments. 

If you like what you hear, then this agent may be the best agent for all your home buying and selling needs. 

2. How Many People Have You Worked With?

The number of clients a real estate expert has assisted with selling and purchasing a home will lend credence to their sales abilities. Real estate professionals with a large client-base, along with testimonials, may have the skills and experience to help you with your next real estate endeavor. 

3. Can I See Homes Without a Pre-Approval?

There are many benefits to obtaining a pre-approval letter before seeing homes. This shows sellers that you’re financially capable of purchasing a home, and are a serious buyer. 

However, not all real estate experts will show you homes without a pre-approval letter. Be sure to ask a real estate professional about their requirements before setting out to see any homes with them. 

4. What Are Your Negotiation Tactics?

It’s important to understand how the real estate professional you work with will help you negotiate a sale. Ask what steps they take to investigate the situation, and what their strategies are for negotiating a deal. 

If you encounter a potential roadblock, such as a multiple offer situation, how would your real estate expert handle it?

5. Do You Go to the Home Inspection?

Your real estate professional represents you throughout your home buying and selling process. They have your best interest in mind, and as such, should be present at your home inspection. They’re there to protect you and your assets. 

Before agreeing to work with a real estate professional, inquire about their policy in regards to attending a home inspection

Locating a Real Estate Expert

Now that you know what to ask a real estate professional, you can locate a real estate expert for all your home buying and selling needs. Be sure to ask about their involvement with your home inspection, along with an explanation of their client list and references on their behalf. 

If you’re just starting to look at homes and don’t yet have a pre-approval, ask prospective real estate experts if this poses an issue before seeing homes with them. 

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