Seventeen and a half million, or 55% of American households, have gardens. Do you struggle with a lawn that just doesn’t look healthy? You look out at your yard and get frustrated that it just won’t grow, right?

You may want to consider lawn treatments to make your grass feel healthy once again. In the long term, they’re much cheaper than tearing out and replacing large parts of your yard. It’ll also save you time by getting your yard to look its best in less work.

In this guide, we’ll help you understand more about lawn treatment. We’ll also help you understand which treatment options are right for your needs.


Prepare Your Lawn for Treatments

Proper preparation of your lawn should be the first step. Before applying any treatment, mow your lawn, remove any weeds, trim back trees or shrubs that may be blocking the sunlight, and inspect for areas that may need additional attention. Pay close attention to perennial flowers and shrubs that may need to be pruned.

When your lawn is cleared and ready, there are a variety of treatments available to keep your lawn lush and beautiful. Check out to see how they can help with your yard care. Hiring a lawn care service can save you time and ensure to give you a luscious lawn.

Common Lawn Care Treatments

Having a luscious yard all year round can be easy with a few lawn care treatments. Following these simple treatments will help promote a vigorous green lawn, paving the way for a luscious yard.


Regular applications of balanced fertilizer at the proper time of the year will give your lawn the nutrition it needs. Make sure to look for a lawn fertilizer formulated for the type of grass you have.

Be sure not to spread too much, as over-fertilization can do more harm than good. Avoid fertilizing in the heat of summer as this can create potential burns from the fertilizer salts.

Weed and Pest Control

Use a combination of pre- and post-emergent herbicides for weeds and insecticides for pests. Pre-emergent herbicides should be used before weeds germinate in the soil. Use post-emergent herbicides once weeds have already started to pop up.

Use insecticides to target specific pests in your lawn. Treating your yard properly will help to ensure the grass remains lush and healthy and your yard stays weed and pest-free.


Topdressing is when you mix organic material with soil and then spread it over your lawn. Organic materials can range from compost to manure, and each can help aerate and heal your grass.

You should spread the compost/manure at a rate of 1/4 inch once a year. Topdressing helps your lawn fight off disease and helps the soil retain moisture.


Aeration involves digging small holes into the ground with a hollow aeration tool. This improves airflow and allows water and essential nutrients to reach the plant’s roots.

Another benefit of aeration is the ability to spread out grass seeds more effectively. It reduces ‘bald spots’ and allows you to fill in thinning areas. Aeration should be done every two to three years or more often in heavily-used areas.

Familiarizing with Lawn Treatments

A luscious and healthy yard is achievable when you follow simple lawn treatments. Proper maintenance with the right lawn treatments will help you to achieve your ideal outdoor aesthetic.

Start by mowing regularly, fertilizing, watering, weeding, and aerating to promote growth. Take the first step today and start loving your lawn!

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