Who is xQc, exactly?

It’s true, xQc net worth is over $14 million, he’s that wealthy. Also known as xQCOW, he is a Canadian YouTuber and Twitch pesonality. He started out as a professional Overwatch player and played for the Dallas Fuel squad in the 2018 Overwatch League. He competed for Team Canada in three OW World Cups (2017, 2018, and also 2019). Simultaneously, because of his rather eccentric personality, he has won the hearts of his followers.

He started streaming on Youtube in 2015 after starting in 2014 on Twitch. But he didn’t begin streaming on Twitch regularly until the beginning of 2019. Despite streaming Overwatch earlier, he then started playing a wider variety of games. Twitch has banned his account five times so far.

The recent debate with Andrew Tate, hosted by Adin Ross left him looking like a beta male. Arguing how a man doesn’t need to protect his woman sure won’t help him in future romance.

Full NameFelix Lengyel
Date of BirthNovember 12, 1995
Net Worth$5.5 Million
Twitch Followers9,178,658

xQC Net Worth – What is it?

As an estimate, xQc net worth is roughly $14,000,000. An incredible feat for a Streamer.

How Much Revenue Does xQc Make Per Month?

What is the revenue of xQc? The expected total monthly revenue for xQc from all sources is $726,897. This includes brand partnerships, Twitch subs, and ad revenue. Over $14,000,000 is thought to be his estimated net worth.

Twitch Income Leak

According to data that leaked by Twitch on June 10, 2021, xQcOW allegedly earned $8,454,427 from Twitch payouts alone between August 2019 and October 2021. This amount excludes earnings from sponsorships or merch, and other online sources such as YouTube. However, it is somewhat speculative. A few streamers have confirmed that the numbers are about correct.

How Does xQc Make Income?


Subs – The streamer’s and Twitch’s Twitch Subs are split equally. A 50/50 split will be given to new streamers who are in the Tier 1 bracket, making their subscriptions worth $2.50. When a streamer reaches a threshold of 1000+ monthly views, they can renegotiate their split to a 60/40 split (Tier 2) or, if they are very much well-liked, a 70/30 split (Tier 3).

Bits – A streamer receives $0.01 for every bit they receive.

Ads – Depending on their contracts, streamers get $10 to $20 CPM when they run ads on Twitch. In other words, when the ad runs, they make $10–$20 for every 1000 stream viewers.


Ads – Per 1000 views, YouTube channels paid (CPM). For every 1000 views on their channel, creators in the gaming niche often receive $2–7 CPM or $2–7 per 1000 views. However, because of ad blockers and other factors, not all views are made money. About 80% of the views on most channels paid.

How Much Income Does xQc Make on Twitch Each Month?

xQc gets about $644,729 per month in direct Twitch revenue. The following is a breakdown of this:

xQc Make on Twitch

Subs – According to Twitchtracker, xQc has 73,694 active subscribers as of August 2021. This indicates that he is earning approximately $3.50 x 73,694 = $257,929 per month from Twitch subscribers as he most likely splits revenue with Twitch 70/30.

Ads – Averaging 60,039 viewers per hour, xQc streamed for almost 314 hours in the past month. If he runs an advertisement at a $10 CPM twice an hour, his monthly advertising revenue would be 628 x 10 x 60 = $376,800.

Donations & Bits – As we don’t have any reliable data to base our calculations on, donations and bits are more difficult. But as of the past 30 days, xQc’s top 10 cash donations amount to around $2,200. This doesn’t account for any bits or other smaller donations he may have received.

His level of viewership suggests that he may earn an extra $5,000 to $10,000 or more each month via donations.

xQc Additional Income Sources

How Much Revenue Generated by xQc on YouTube?

YouTube Adsense revenue is the main source of income for xQc. In the previous month, he received 36,084,027 Million views, according to Socialblade. We can estimate the money he makes from YouTube if we dissect this.

xQc Additional Income Sources

36m views/1000 = 36,084

36,084 x $2 CPM = $72,168 from Youtube Adsense every month.

Each month, xQc can earn about $72,168 from YouTube.

How Much Money Is Made from Merch by xQc?

Since xQc doesn’t now appear to have a store for merchandise, he most probably makes nothing each month from the sale of merchandise.

Although there haven’t been any announcements as of yet about that, he occasionally periodically puts his merch store up for limited runs. Each month, xQc makes about $0 from the sale of merchandise.

How Much Revenue Is Generated by xQc From Brand Deals?

He now has brand deals with GFuel and ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG), according to xQc’s Twitch page. But, the amount of money he makes from these partnerships is unfortunately fairly difficult to estimate.

It’s possible that xQc earns $5,000–$10,000 or more each month or more via brand deals. Each month, xQc receives about $10,000 in brand partnerships.


What is one of xQc’s most difficult problems?

xQc claims that he is currently unable to come home. His living situation is really hard. He disclosed that he was often swatted and that his house was being broken into. He is unable to move to his Texas house as a consequence.

How frequently has he been banned from Twitch?

xQc has been temporarily banned or banned from the platform five times as of August 2021.

Conclusion on xQc Net Worth

On the Twitch streaming platform right now, xQc is one of the most popular streamers. Furthermore his figures certainly reflect his ranking as #3 on the platform, which Twitch Tracker claims he is. Recently xQc has gained millions of loyal fans, and given how much he enjoys streaming, there is little question that his popularity will grow.