The first year of work is important for any employee. When they make a year in the company, it’s an achievement for them. The same goes for the rest of your employees.

Work anniversaries are important for all employees, and it needs to be celebrated in a way that motivates them to think of it as an achievement. You don’t need expensive work anniversary gifts for employees. Even a small “thank you,” or recognition on social media would be enough.

In this blog post, you’ll know about all the best work anniversary gifts for your employees.

Best Work Anniversary Gifts for Employees

Our expert teams and HR executives have come across some of the best anniversary gift ideas that can make your dedicated employees feel valued for their hard work and commitment.

1.   An Effective Award Program

Consistency in these programs is the key factor.  Avoid being too irregular with these employee anniversary award programs. You can create an exciting and fun anniversary award program where each team member deserves a fair way to recognize their important day.

You can give away certificates and trophies as anniversary gifts, or you can also give them a gift card of their choice. However, make sure you choose such a gift for your employees that they love.

2.   Social Media Recognition and Mentions

Every employee loves recognition, especially when it’s from their management. You can create a short and special post for your employees and mention them on their social media. You can also do it on your Linkedin. Here’s how you create the post:

  • Your employee’s picture with you and the entire department.

  • A personalized message where you can tell why they are so important for you.

  • Two or three things you have got to know from them over these years. 

A sincere post would be enough to make your employees feel valued for their dedication and service. Moreover, in this way, you are also showing professionalism and your company culture in a public setting.

3.   A Commemorative Video

Most of us have digital cameras and smartphones with excellent video resolutions, so making videos is pretty simple now. Get everyone in the company who works with your employee; then, you can record a short and fun video. If you can, you can also get their customers or vendors into this video! After it’s complete, you can present this to them on their anniversary program or social media. 

Here are the things that you can cover in your video:

  • Describe your employees in just three words and tell why you choose these words for them.

  • The most favorite memory you had with them.

  • Which specific moment made you so much proud this year

These topics would be enough to create a compelling appreciation video for your employees’ work anniversary.

4. Actual Gifts

We can beat around the bush with other ideas, and although they are not really bad, nothing beats the feeling of getting a new gift. So, make your employees’ day special with little gift baskets, and hampers which they would like. You can even include a custom business greeting card to make it more memorable.

This is an acknowledgement to their loyalty to the company, and they should be feeling special and pampered today with no exception. If budgeting is an issue, you can look through some employee gifts on sale.

5.   Allow them to Grow and Develop a New Skill

Investing in the development of your employees’ personal growth will not only benefit them but will also allow your company to grow. There are many online classes and courses that can help your employees to acquire new skills.

You can ask your employees about the types of skills they would want to acquire then purchase them the course on Skillshare or Udemy. This course subscription can also be an amazing anniversary gift for your employees.

6.   Share Your Employee’s Story in the Company’s Newsletter

If you routinely send out newsletters to prospects, clients, or workers, then you can also include their stories in this newsletter. Sit with each of the employees who have their work anniversary and collect all their information regarding their service and work in the company. You can also ask their team members to comment on their employees. After it’s done, you can share it with everyone in your company.

7.   Allow Them a Vacation

Your employees might want to be on vacation and spend time with their family as they have been working for you for a long time. So, employees who have been in service for several years now can get a vacation of two weeks or even a month. This recreational leave will make them more productive and committed to your company. However, before you grant them this long vacation, it’s also recommended that you discuss with the HR executive and management if it’s possible to spare such a long break. 


1.   What else can you gift your employees on their work anniversary?

There are many other alternatives that you can choose as a gift for your employees. Here are some of them:

  • Send them a gift hamper

  • Feasts in the office

  • Movie tickets

  • Cocktail gifts

These are some of the alternatives that you can choose to gift your employees on their work anniversary.

2.   What to gift your employees on their 10 years work anniversary?

10 years in a company is a milestone for an employee and also for the company. To make their day memorable and special, here are some of the unique gifts that you can present them with:

3.   Do recognition gifts need to be expensive?

You don’t need expensive gifts to recognize your employees for their accomplishments. Even a small “thank you,” and a small gift hamper would be an amazing gift for anyone. Remember, the crucial purpose of these programs is to appreciate the efforts of your employees and make them more dedicated and committed to your company.

Bottom Line

Your employees play a vital role in developing and building your company. So, it’s important that you value their efforts and assure them that you are proud. Work anniversaries are an important moment for any employee. Therefore, it’s important that you choose the right work anniversary gifts for employees to make this day more special.