Yard signs are a staple for political campaigns, but it can be argued that yard signs have become less effective over the years

Yard signs first became popular in the ’40s and have not evolved much since then. There has been an upswing of digital advertising on social media sites that yard signs may not be able to compete with

Yard signs are better than ever before because they are cheaper than ever before – yard sign printing is available at local print shops or online services. This means yard signs are more accessible for people who don’t necessarily have the cash to spend on full campaign paraphernalia

Why yard signs are still effective

First popularized in the 1940’s, yard signs have remained a staple of political campaigns for decades. However, as technology and media change and evolve at an unprecedented rate, they may not

A yard sign is a small, often portable political rally sign that expresses team spirit or support for candidates running for office. Yard signs are easy to spot on road sides and near street corners. This means yard signs are an effective method of campaigning.

Here’s why yard signs are still relevant in modern-day politics:

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Where can yard signs be placed?

Yard signs can be placed anywhere. You can place yard signs on public or private property, as long as the yard sign does not violate city ordinances and is not blocking pedestrian traffic.

How much do yard signs cost?

Yard sign prices vary from shop to shop depending on quantity, size, layout, and shipping. You can expect yard signs to start at about $1 USD per yard sign.

What is the best paper for yard signs?

17 oz Sintra PVC provides an attractive yard sign while remaining durable against outdoor conditions. Click here to learn more about our yard sign material.

What yard sign material should I use?

Some yard signs need to be durable enough to withstand weather and wind. If you plan on leaving your yard sign up for a long time, we recommend using corrugated plastic yard signs.

Where can I buy yard signs?

You can purchase yard signs from local print shops or online services. Local color print offers custom yard sign printing at prices starting as low as $1 USD per yard sign! Click here for more information about our yard sign pricing.

How many yard signs does a campaign need?

A good rule of thumb is 1000-5000 yard signs will help get your candidate’s name out there during their campaign. A larger number may be necessary if your candidate is running for a county or state wide election.


Yard signs still work as long as they are used correctly

Make sure your yard sign is readable from far away! A yard sign that is too small will not be noticed by people as they drive or walk by – Place yard signs on busy roads, in front of houses where the yard sign would fit

Yard signs are still a great way to attract attention and promote your candidate – it just might take a little extra effort to make yourself noticed.

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