Few places in the United States can successfully combine the amenities we all need with the spectacular beauty of the desert. Summerlin is a residential community in Las Vegas home to more than a hundred thousand people and is one of the most successful urban development projects started on American soil since 1990.

And the offerings of homes for sale in Summerlin NV are nowadays diverse and suitable for all price ranges. Summerlin is, first and foremost, a master-planned community that was intended from the outset to be in an extensive process of development and expansion, which it has completed successfully.

And nowadays, Summerlin is a veritable colossal community, spanning 22,500 acres, while being home to no less than three age-restricted resorts, including Summerlin Sun-City, which comes complete with countless golf courses, parks, or gyms. But why would you want to move to Summerlin? Let’s find out.

The Advantages of a Summerlin Residency

In 2007, National Geographic Adventure magazine voted Summerlin the best place in the United States to live in. And the reasons were obvious. The homes for sale in Summerlin NV are available in a variety of price ranges, and their proximity to Red Rock Canyon makes this neighborhood an ideal place for people who want to be far enough away from the urban chaos of Las Vegas as to live a different lifestyle, but not so far that they don’t have access to the advantages of city living. Summerlin is split between both the boundaries of the greater Las Vegas area and those of Clark County, which over the years, has been an advantage in the accelerated expansion process of the community.

The homes for sale in Summerlin NV have the geographic advantage of being located at a slightly higher elevation than those in the middle of the city so that summertime maximum temperatures may be lower and precipitation may be higher. Although we are still talking about a desert, the climate, however we characterize it, remains arid. In this respect, Summerlin is tackling the problem of scorching temperatures with several urban development projects, including private and public swimming pools. 

What to Do in Summerlin? 

Like any modern community, Summerlin has been designed to offer a variety of activities to residents, especially when it comes to the outdoors. Currently, Summerlin has no fewer than twenty-five community parks, each with unique amenities designed with the ultimate goal of urban cooperation. From grilling areas to soccer, baseball, basketball, or volleyball fields, or from senior cultural centers to public pools, Summerlin successfully represents 21st-century American urban ingenuity at its finest.

The Downtown Summerlin district, on the other hand, is the shopping hub of the area, with hundreds of shops, bars, and restaurants open at all hours of the day and night, bringing a splash of excitement to the neighborhood, specific to Las Vegas. At the same time, for nature lovers, there are opportunities to hike in the adjacent Red Rock National Park, and if you prefer to drive, you can take the iconic Red Rock scenic drive and visit the Hoover Dam, all in the same afternoon.

Why Look for Properties in Summerlin Sun-City? 

The over one hundred thousand residents who call Summerville home come from various cultural backgrounds, have different financial possibilities, and, not least, are of different ages. Summerlin is home to several age-restricted communities for people over 55, including Heritage by Lennar, Regency at Summerlin, Siena, Trilogy, and last but not least, Summerlin Sun-City, which is also one of the largest such communities, with a population of over fourteen thousand people. Why would you want to move to this place? There are many reasons, but the main one is the abundance of entertainment opportunities you have at your disposal.

Summerlin Sun-City is a select community where the homeowners association maintains the residences, which means that your life in Sun City will be similar to living in a luxury resort. And that’s precisely what Sun City is all about: being a resort community featuring no less than four separate clubhouses, each with its gyms, conference rooms, tennis courts, swimming pools, and golf courses scattered around the resort. The location on the city’s outskirts allows you to experience a quieter lifestyle yet brings all the advantages of a suburban American community.

The Advantages of an Age-Restricted Community

One of the main advantages of living in a 55+ community is the extra emphasis on group activities. In Summerlin Sun-City, you will be surrounded by people of a similar age to you who share your passions and with whom you can socialize without problems. In such a community, you can also get expert help from a professional staff who can take care of all your needs, including food preparation, yard work, or even remembering your medication schedule.

One of the myths propagated about +55 communities is that they are only for retired people, but this is not necessarily true, and you can still work if you wish. The only restrictions regarding homes for sale in Summerlin NV are related to your minimum age and income. One last advantage of such a location is security. Sun city is not a gated community, but it has advantages over a regular housing block, making it much safer than a traditional neighborhood in downtown Las Vegas. 

But what is most important in the end is that you make the most of every moment without regretting a second, which is where the housing available in Summerlin Sun-City can help. You can find homes for sale in Summerlin NV both in age-restricted communities and in booming neighborhoods where you are likely to find a good deal on a condo or newly built home.

Your possibilities regarding the Las Vegas real estate market are endless, as are your professional or personal ones. Las Vegas is a city that presents opportunities for every type of person, and everything from sleepless nights to relaxing moments can be found here, available for every age group.