Entrepreneurship used to have disparaging barriers to entry. If you weren’t part of the club then you weren’t getting in.

Over time this let up but it was still mostly about who you knew. Startup capital played a huge role and your access to resources, too. Starting a business seemed bleak for many… but then things changed.

The internet allows anyone to build an online business.

With free access to information and tools, anyone with time and dedication can launch something neat. Now’s the perfect time to do this, in fact, and in this article, you’ll learn why.

There’s a Buyer for Everything

The best thing to come about from the Web is how it gave a voice to EVERYONE.

With this access to information and interaction came those with niche interests and hobbies. You name it and there’s an online community dedicated to the most far-out things. This includes buyer’s wanting to get their hands on niche stuff.

Here’s the super shortened version of how to build an online business in a niche:

  1. Find out what you’re really, really interested in
  2. Seek online communities and see what they’re buying
  3. Find a middle-ground and evaluate the competition
  4. Come out with your own, unique item for the niche

Those with the business capital are on board with all this, too. There’s capital for anyone that’s willing to put in the hard work. It’s not like the old days where banks would shoo you away the moment you mentioned an idea that seemed “off”.

Business Resources Are Plentiful

You don’t need to pay someone thousands of dollars to set up an eCommerce site these days. There are plenty of site builders like Shopify or Wix that are free and easy-to-use. Plus, you have third-party platforms like Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, and more.

Heck, some manufacturers and suppliers provide white-label sites for those interested in selling their goods! If you’re taking physical payments from some clients, get a premium credit card processor (visit https://sumup.com/credit-card-machine/ for example) to make transactions hassle free.

On the service side, you’ve got free site builders to set up a portfolio site. Or, blogging platforms like WordPress (again, free) that’s easy to set up, highly customizable, and packed with features. Link in with free email tools, payment processing, and backend management and you’re good to go!

For promotion? Take it to social media and let your brand be heard!

What Else Ya Gonna Do?

Despite a vaccine, the pandemic still has its grip on much of the world.

The pandemic got a TON of people shopping online and using delivery services. Many more saw their jobs shift to work from home so that the concept of being online all-the-time isn’t so alien anymore. Basically: we’re all wired in.

It’s unlikely that we’ll return to what life was like before and our shopping habits are included in this.

With lockdowns still going on and an air of uncertainty — what else ya gonna do but start a business from home?

Go on, Build an Online Business Today!

The only thing stopping you from building an online business is yourself. Really!

The tools to set up an online presence, including for wholesale eCommerce, are plentiful. There are tons of free platforms to attract and engage customers. Funding is flowing and the shift to more online shopping is here. So, find some time to work on a business (even if it’s an hour a day or week).

What’s next after getting things going? Well, absorb as much information about entrepreneurship as you can! Check out the other tutorials and guides here on the site to get inspired!