There are many reasons why Istanbul is one of the most popular cities on the planet. With a foundation built on 2,500 years of history, this iconic destination in Turkey features wonderful culture, amazing cuisine, vibrant nightlife, must-see landmarks, and so much more.

In fact, it has so many positives that a lot of people want to go beyond simply visiting for a week every year. They desire an extended stay over the summer. They might even take it a step further and seek permanent residency in Istanbul.

One way to achieve either goal is by purchasing an apartment. Yet is this a wise approach to take? This guide will highlight the main reasons as to why you should buy an apartment in Istanbul.

Property options are cheaper than you may think

It’s true: Istanbul is among the world’s most vibrant, exciting, and popular cities on the planet. It has a wealth of attractions and activities to match up against other major cities like Hong Kong and London. Unlike those other places, however, Istanbul is home to a range of affordable apartment options.

If you browse Istanbul properties from, you’ll find numerous apartments available for below $200,000. This means even those with more restrictive budgets are able to enter the property market in Turkey.

It’s a popular holiday destination

In 2021, Istanbul welcomed nearly eight million tourists – and that number is only going up following the pandemic. This highlights the popularity of the city and how many people view it as a top holiday destination.

This aspect is important if you plan on subletting your apartment. Tourism numbers ensure you won’t struggle to find renters via platforms like Airbnb. Furthermore, there will also be locals and visitors seeking an extended stay in Istanbul, and your apartment can be the solution.

Fantastic place to live

If you’re not looking at purchasing an apartment as just a side hustle, there’s no underselling how fantastic it is to live in Istanbul. It’s popular with tourists for many reasons, whether this is due to the vibrant atmosphere, historical attractions, incredible food options, and so much more.

Along with all of the different positives it has to offer, there’s another advantage to living in Istanbul: the average cost of living. Research reveals that it is more than 50% cheaper to live in Istanbul compared to London. With affordable food, utilities, transportation, etc., you can live comfortably in the city without needing to spend much money.

An effective real estate investment

Real estate is always a popular option when it comes to investment. However, there are certain avenues abroad that provide a more fruitful return than others. This is the case when purchasing an apartment in Istanbul.

As mentioned above, apartment prices are lower than in other major cities across the world. Thanks to this relatively low point of entry, combined with a proven appreciation for properties in Turkey, you have a long-term real estate investment that can deliver significant profits when you decide to sell. If this sounds like a good deal, you should buy a property in Istanbul.