Hardwood floors are becoming a popular choice in many homes. The main reasons are durability, easy maintenance, and style. Some people even prefer hardwoods in kitchens, as they look more stylish, feel better under the feet, and help make the room look larger. Dark hardwoods are popular in traditional and rustic schemes.


Solid hardwood floors look beautiful and natural. They are also durable, and you can refinish them with the assistance of Soen hardwood floors professionals. As technology advances, more flooring options are available. Tile and vinyl plank flooring have become worthy competitors, while sustainable materials are in vogue. These materials are made in the country of origin, saving energy and shipping costs.

Traditionally, hardwood floors were not ideal for moist areas, including basements. Tongue and groove planks have limited resistance to water, making them unsuitable for humid environments. On the other hand, engineered wood is made from thin sheets of wood laminated together. This construction prevents the wood from expanding and contracting when wet.


Hardwood floors are one of the most popular options for homeowners nowadays. They look elegant and last long if you take good care of them. In addition, they can withstand a lot of wear and tear, so they’re perfect for busy homes. Nevertheless, they’re expensive initially.

While solid hardwood is the most expensive option, low-maintenance options are available for homeowners who want to save money. These include high-grade unfinished engineered hardwood, which is becoming increasingly popular. However, solid hardwood is only suitable for some environments. It’s essential to consider your lifestyle and choose the best flooring material.

Another option is to go for a faux-wood finish. These look more real than the real thing due to their high-color variations. Although these floors are great for hip commercial spaces, they could be more practical for real homes. The color variations can be too distracting, and it isn’t easy to decorate with them.


As far as colors go, white oak and lighter shades of gray are trending lately. These neutrals bridge the gap between other colors and look great with almost any design style. They are also an eco-friendly choice. The trend for wide plank flooring will be around for a while. It makes a room look spacious and is an excellent choice for a modern home. It also blends well with contemporary design styles.

Wide-plank hardwood floors are more expensive than other types of wood flooring, as they require longer planks and a limited number of trees to supply them with enough wood. As such, they are rare and costly. However, you can choose cheaper alternatives like reclaimed wood.


While hardwood is beautiful, it’s essential to know that ceramic or porcelain tiles are more durable. This material is susceptible to scratches and breaks caused by rocks in shoes and dog nails, so it will probably need to be refinished more often than tile. While hardwood can look pristine, it’s not recommended for high-traffic areas, such as the bathroom or basement. Additionally, it can be affected by continuous exposure to direct sunlight, which can make it fade over time.

Rustic And Traditional Schemes

Dark hardwood is often the best choice for a rustic or traditional scheme when choosing a floor type. It adds a rich, earthy feel to any space and can be highly durable.

Dark hardwood is also more appealing than light flooring. Its rough texture gives the impression that it was hand-finished. This makes it a good choice for a rustic or traditional scheme, although it can also be combined with modern decor to create a modern space. However, it would help if you never forgot that dark hardwood is unsuitable for every scheme. Dark hardwood floors are popular in northern regions because they go well with most decors. They are also preferred for their classic, authentic look. You can choose from different shades of brown or grey, depending on the overall look you are going for.