accessiBe, which was founded in 2018, automates the process of making content accessible to individuals with vision, hearing, mobility impairments, as well as other physical disabilities.

Features of accessiBe

The company has a unique browsing experience that enables people with disabilities to easily access the web. Below are some of the accessiBe features.

  • Automated web accessibility solution

accessiBe makes web accessibility simple and affordable. In other words, it makes the digital space accessible to individuals with impairments.

  • Top-notch user interface

The accessiBe interface allows users with visual impairments to alter the design and UI of a website. The contextual Understanding by accessiBe Machine learning and computer vision is effective when it comes to handling screen-reader and keyboard navigation changes.

  • Easy to use the menu

Blind users can navigate and browse websites with ease. The process includes dropdown menus, forms, pop-ups, icons, and buttons. It also employs computer vision to deliver accurate image descriptions.

  • Cutting edge Artificial intelligence

accessiBe has a cutting-edge AI-powered web accessibility solution that makes websites more accessible, automated, and cost-effective. The technology used is ideal when it comes to scanning and altering a website in real-time.

Advantages of using accessiBe

  • accessiBe widgets allow disabled people to customize their experience as per their specific requirements and preferences.
  • It has a seamless front end and back end that’s also compatible. accessiBe also has a friendly user interface with a one-of-a-kind keyboard navigation system that’s ideal for those with disabilities.
  • This particular web accessibly tool is cost-effective and reliable. When compared to accessibility plugins, accessiBe’s product is more strong and thorough, ensuring full compliance in a way that plugins can’t.
  • accessiBe provides a quick and automated audit and remediation procedure, as opposed to the service firms’ lengthy, manual, and high-cost offerings. In addition, unlike accessibility manual services, accessiBe provides ongoing compliance and the capacity to scale easily and quickly.

AccessiBe is a cut above the rest since it offers a convenient end-to-end web solution that has a simple and fast usage. This particular platform has an accessible interface that’s compliant, scalable, with a highly affordable plan.