Did you know that a whopping 8.5 million people are living in NYC?

While nobody can deny that the Big Apple has its charms and conveniences, things can feel too hectic after enough time there. If you’re feeling tired of your New York home, then you might be wondering where you should go to enjoy a new pace.

Are you in need of some inspiration so you can start house hunting elsewhere? Keep reading this guide to learn about 5 wonderful places you should consider moving to once you’re ready for a different vibe.

1. Austin, Texas

Austin is one of the best places to move after life in New York City because it’s familiar enough to be comfortable yet different enough to thrill you. The weather is gorgeous year-round and the cost of living is way cheaper.

Austin is a vibrant city full of diverse and kind people, the food is spectacular, and there are tons of attractions for every taste.

2. Minneapolis, Minnesota

After working with local home buyers and leaving NYC, you should consider heading over to Minneapolis. Lots of people report that the flavor of these two cities is quite similar, yet Minneapolis is a fraction of the cost.

You’ll still have access to all the luxuries you’re familiar with and you can enjoy dreamy winters and picturesque architecture surrounded by water.

3. Tampa, Florida

People like to poke fun at Florida as a whole, yet everyone still loves going down there for vacations to feel like royalty. Tampa is a bustling city that has as much action as you want to engage with after you adopt the leisurely pace of Southern living.

Since millions of people both visit and live in Florida, you can have confidence that you’ll never run out of things to do.

4. Portland, Oregon

Another amazing place to move after NYC is Portland, Oregon. Public transportation is just as efficient as New York City, but you have the added bonus of being able to bike everywhere without worrying about getting run over.

Portland is progressive as well, so your way of life doesn’t have to change too much.

5. Nashville, Tennessee

If you love music and good food, then Nashville should be at the top of your list.

Since this city is all about the arts, you can still feel enriched if you’re someone who loved having access to Broadway and high-quality museums

Are You Ready to Move on From Living in NYC?

Moving from New York will be a bittersweet moment, but it’s helpful to remind yourself of all the wonderful opportunities you’ll have by exploring new places. By using this guide on places to move after living in NYC, you can start preparing for many exciting adventures in the future.

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