Defense attorneys aren’t just for individuals who have been charged with or actually committed a crime. An experienced murder lawyer in St. Petersburg can help you if you are charged with murder. However, there are other circumstances besides murder that make hiring a criminal defense lawyer necessary.


When to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

Here are certain scenarios that make it necessary to hire a criminal defense attorney to provide you with the legal representation you need:

You’ve Been Charged or Accused of Committing a Crime

This is probably one of the first things that comes to mind when hiring a criminal defense attorney. Defense attorneys don’t just help people with minor crimes such as cyberstalking and retail theft. They can also take on more serious crimes such as murder, sexual assault, and robbery. Whatever you’ve been charged with, it’s important to seek the help of an attorney to avoid having a bad outcome.

Your Child Committed a Crime

The legal system for juveniles is a lot different for adults. Without the help of a defense lawyer by your side, the rules in your state can be extremely hard to work through.

You’re Being Interrogated by Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officials always try to get more out of an individual if they suspect you have committed a crime but don’t have sufficient evidence. This is considered interrogation and can be put to a stop the moment that person suggests they need an attorney. This is similar to what you may have seen in movies or on TV. Law enforcement officials may try to have you come in to provide a statement, suggesting that you won’t be arrested. However, they may get you to tell them information that can be later used against you.

Police Officials Search Your Home

If your home is searched with a warrant, it means that there is a belief that evidence of a crime is present in your home. It really doesn’t matter whether the police find anything or not. You should immediately reach out to a lawyer for assistance.

Law Enforcement Takes Possession of Your Property

Certain states have laws that allow law enforcement to seize your property during a traffic stop and under other circumstances. Many times, this is even legal without actual evidence or a valid reason. The process of trying to get your belongings back can be challenging, especially if your property was taken during a traffic stop in a state where you don’t reside. Fortunately, having a defense lawyer on your side can help you retrieve your property.

Wrongly Accused of a Crime

If a judge, prosecutor, or law enforcement feels that you have committed a crime that you did not, it can be challenging to prove otherwise. This is especially true if you have a record of other crimes in your past. However, just because you’ve done wrong in the past, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the same rights as everyone else. The only way you have a good chance of being exonerated is by hiring a defense attorney.

Expunge Criminal Record

If you have a record of criminal activities in your past that you would like to part with, there are ways that a criminal defense attorney can help you in getting your record expunged. Even if you were found not guilty in court, there are still certain charges that can damage your reputation. You have a better chance of improving and erasing your past when you have a legal defense lawyer working in your corner.