There isn’t just one type of psychic. There are many different methods available to read energy and answer your questions. Each method offers unique insight into your future, loved ones and core consciousness.


Pendulum Readings

Certain psychics use pendulums as a tool to read your thoughts and energy. They will hold a chain with an attached crystal at the end which acts as a weight. Usually, they select a crystal that works well with their energy and biorhythm to optimize its power. Pendulum psychic readings are easy to do remotely.

The oracle will allow the pendulum to swing freely and act as a guide in answer to your questions. The type of movement will determine the answer. Circles, ellipses, back and forth motions and bouncing can all indicate something different. Experienced psychics know how to interpret these movements. They can give you clear answers to questions about your future, relationships and career. Historically, this technique also helped to locate mineral deposits and lost objects.

Traditional Hypnosis Methods

The traditional hypnosis method allows a psychic to alter their own mental state to become more receptive to energy from people, objects and places. This altered mental state is known as a trance and means the brain has relaxed and is open to suggestions. Objects like crystal balls and candles can help to induce a trance.

Hypnosis can also facilitate psychic healing for a client. The trance state can allow you to tap into parts of your brain you usually don’t have access to. It can heighten your awareness and you may even awaken your abilities of your own. One common use of this method is to help recover repressed memories.

Medium Readings

Psychic mediums can communicate with the spirits of the deceased. They do this by tapping into the frequency at which spirits exist— everything in the universe vibrates at a particular frequency. Consider mediums a bridge between the spiritual and earthly planes.

When you participate in psychic medium readings live, the medium will align their vibration to the frequency of your loved one. This is a complicated process and requires a delicate balance. If a different spirit comes through due to stronger energy, the psychic may end up communicating with them instead. However, that also means they have an important message for you.

Pet Readings

Psychic readings aren’t only for people. You can improve your relationship with your pet via a psychic, as well. Psychics use clairvoyance and telepathy during pet psychic readings to communicate with images. This can be great for the behavioral and psychological well-being of your furry friend.

During a reading, the psychic can also pick up on health problems that may be bothering your pet. They can read the energy field surrounding the animal to identify hot spots.

No matter what type of question you have, there is a psychic solution. Don’t limit yourself to one method of exploration. Why not attack your problem from all angles? Reach out to a psychic online or over the phone to learn more and get started.