It is rare to make money sports betting or any form of gambling for that matter, but there are people that do consistently come out on top. Naturally, our logical minds seek to understand what it is about these few gamblers that make them winners and the rest losers.

What is their secret? Do they know something that gives them an edge? Is it possible that there are supernatural forces that decide who is charmed and who never catches a lucky break?

We did the research and learned some very interesting things about sports betting from the winner’s table. Keep reading for a no-nonsense all-in answer to how to make your own luck.

Gambling: Brutal Myth Busting

There is no such thing as luck, at least in the understanding that it has the power to influence the outcome of a game of chance. Good luck is simply your mind playing tricks on you.

A Case of Extremely Lucky Cursed and Confused Made-Up People

Take this hypothetical situation to hit home the uncomfortable truth. You are walking down the street minding your own business when a car of heavily armed gangsters pulls up and shoots you eleven times. Statistically speaking you should be dead before your bloody hole-riddled body hits the pavement.

The police track down the gangsters and do what police do, establish motive. Turns out that you look a lot like a sworn enemy of the gang and they couldn’t believe their luck when you just happen to be walking down the street as they drove by fully cocked and loaded.

At the hospital, your surgeon is amazed that you survived. He says that all 11 bullets miraculously missed all major arteries and organs. He exclaims matter of factly, that you are lucky to be alive. How is it that a man can get shot 11 times and it makes sense to call them lucky? Others might argue that each and every soul in the city that night that wasn’t gun downed is considerably luckier than you.

The Truth of the Matter

Luck has nothing to do with it. The only variable in the outcome of a random game of chance is what happened. Everything else is completely irrelevant with no real connection to what happened whats so ever. Winner’s don’t count on luck but they tend to believe they will win based on the fact they usually do.

Before you get excited about the power of positive thinking, this is also an illusion. Positive thinking seems to have the power to increase your chances of success like magic, but it is the real decisions you make when you are looking for ways to influence the outcome to your favor that has the true power.

Tips for Sports Betting

The good news is sports betting is NOT a game of chance. The single most important strategy in making the winning bet is to completely base your bet on logic and statistical evidence and never on emotion or gut feelings.

To make this easier, don’t bet on sports teams that you have a bias of opinion based on hope, unless you are able to turn off your tendency to ignore the facts in favor of your preferred outcome. If you have been watching the same team your entire life because you are a fan you likely have gained real insight into if the team is going to lose or win. If you trust that instinct you have created better odds of winning and honestly, you wouldn’t be reading this article.

The “safe” bet is the collective expertise of the gambling world giving you advice that is as solid as they come. There is no shame in picking winners based on tips from pros like best daily sports betting picks. Only take the long shot if you have a good reason to think you know something the bookies missed.

When you are able to consistently call a bet against the odds you are a winner and anyone with half a brain will be watching you closely to make out how you do it or just jump on your coat tails and ride them straight to the bank.

Make Money Sports Betting

Ask the right questions. Instead of “how to earn money by gambling?” Ask “how do I minimize the gamble (unknown variable) to better my chances of winning?” It is possible to make money sports betting even as your bets over the years mathematically and scientifically predict a statistical pattern.

Your legend status in gambling circles will be based on experience, knowledge of the sport, and your trust in facts and logical reasoning over rabbit’s feet and fortune-telling. For more advice for winners, keep reading our blog.