There is something so special about buying a Daddy to Be Christmas Card. If you know of someone who will be a father during Christmas time and want to gift them the perfect Daddy to Be Christmas Card, click here. Boomf has an entire Daddy to Be Christmas Card selection available.

Messages for a Daddy-to-Be Christmas Card:

  • Merry Christmas to the most fantastic father to be out there! Your baby will be beyond lucky to have you as his/her guardian.
  • Here is a Christmas card for you. Cherish it because every year from now on will be filled with Santa Claus’ reindeer and elves. You will never have your limelight again. 
  • Eat, drink, nap, and be merry! This may be the last Christmas you get to do so. 
  • Being a father is the world’s best gift during Christmas. May the year ahead be even more of a blessing.
  • Christmas “Cheers!” to you, Dad…
  • Won’t get sappy, but I hope your holidays are happy!
  • Let the late Christmas Eves and early Christmas mornings begin!
  • You jingle-bell-rock at the Dad thing!
  • There’s nothing under the tree better than an awesome daddy.

Dad Jokes for Daddy-to-Be Christmas Cards:

You may also want to incorporate a dad-to-be joke in your daddy-to-be Christmas Card. Christmas is a time for sentiment and love, but it is also the perfect time to crack a joke and lighten the mood. Here are a few jokes that may tickle your fancy:

  • How did the ornament get addicted to Christmas? He was hooked on trees his whole life.
  • What’s every parent’s favourite Christmas Carol? Silent Night.
  • Why did the Grinch go to the liquor store? He was searching for some holiday spirit.
  • Where do Santa’s reindeer stop for coffee? Star-bucks.
  • What do elves post on social media? Elf-ies.