Did you know that seven million homes are sold each year in the US? If you’re planning on selling your home, you’ll have plenty of competition when it comes to attracting buyers.

And if it takes too long to sell your home, you may end up having to lower the price just to move on.

Luckily, there are many things you can do to attract more buyers and get more offers on your home. And one of the best in improving the quality of your lawn. Additionally, companies like https://www.instantgreen.co.nz/ can do more than just revitalizing your lawn, and offer a wide range of services including hydro-mulching and fertilization.

Seeding a lawn, to make it healthier, more luscious, and less prone to weeds, is easier than you think. Keep reading below to learn how to plant grass the right way to make your lawn more beautiful than ever before. 

Lawn Problems

So when do you want to plant grass seeds on your lawn? If your grass is patchy and has spots where the grass is dead, you’ll want to start planting grass. 

The most likely reason you’ll want to start seeding grass is to deal with weeds. Nothing ruins the appearance of a yard, and your home, like weeds. They are so quick to grow and so fast to spread and take over.

They can steal sunlight and moisture from the grass, leading to dead grass faster than you can call for help.

So focusing on growing grass while limiting weeds is crucial if you want your lawn to look good. 

When to Start Seeding a Lawn

There are two times to seed your lawn; in the spring, and before you plan to sell the home. In the Northern states, you don’t need to think about your grass all winter, since it’s stuck under a pile of snow for months on end.

But once it melts away in the spring, you’ll want to give your lawn a boost and help it grow right away when the temperatures rise. By giving your lawn a headstart in the spring, it can grow up and fill out, limiting the opportunity for weeds to infiltrate in the summer. 

The springtime seeding is the most important, as it will carry the lawn the rest of the year. But you’ll probably want to apply another product a few months later to prolong the life of your lawn before wintertime.

Summertime temperatures make it easier for weeds to take over, so ensuring your grass has enough nutrients is key to fighting back year-round. 

Make Lawncare Simple

Keeping your grass green, luscious, and healthy requires constant effort. It’s not a one-and-done yard work project each year. If you don’t stay on top of your lawn care, it can quickly turn south.

That’s why true lawn enthusiasts hire a landscaping and lawn care company, like https://rdslawncare.com/ to make it simple. A dedicated lawn care company will be there week in and week out to ensure healthy grass, no weeds, and beautiful curb appeal every season.

Keep Your Lawn Green

The process of seeding a lawn once or twice a year isn’t that difficult. The key is knowing which product you need, and when the ideal time to seed a lawn is in your area. 

The hard part is keeping up with lawn care every week to ensure your lawn stays looking green and healthy. 

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