Moving is a common decision for millions of households in the United States, with 13 percent of Americans moving in 2021. Moving for new job opportunities, better weather, or a change of scenery are viable reasons to uproot and find a new spot to call home. Deciding it’s time to move is even more straightforward when you find a deal on your dream home.

The challenge is finding the best time to move for a seamless transition for your family. The wrong season and day of the week will cost you more money and make for a frustrating (and sweaty) experience.

Fortunately, you’ve discovered this helpful guide to determine the best time to move to your new home and what to expect for moving costs. Continue reading to start packing for your new apartment today!


Best Months to Move

Moving from an old residence to a new apartment or home is often stressful, but you can eliminate much of that stress by choosing the ideal month for your move. The best months to move are November and December since these are the months when moving companies are their slowest.

Kids are in school, making a move complex for families. You’ll also experience lower moving costs when hiring apartment movers. You view local apartment movers to find the best rates for your upcoming move.

Best Days to Move

Some days during the week make the best opportunities to move from your old residence to the new one. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday are the best days to focus on when planning a move. Most families plan their moves for the weekend to work around school and work schedules.

You’ll get better rates and availability if you work around those schedules and find time to move early in the week. Avoid weekends at all costs if you’re attempting to save money with the best time to move.

Best Seasons to Move

Weather plays a significant factor in the ease and stress of a move. If you live in an area with extreme weather during winter, it’s best to focus on other seasons to plan a move to your new apartment. Spring and Autumn have stable weather and comfortable temperatures, creating the perfect opportunity to move.

On paper, Summer is an ideal time to move. Look at the weather in your area to determine if the heat and humidity are high. Moves in the extreme summer heat are uncomfortable and can become dangerous for the apartment movers and your family.

Find the Best Time to Move for Your Family

Finding the best time to move is a challenge, as you’ll need to navigate around work and school schedules while attempting to save money on moving costs. The best months to move to save money are November and December, though Spring and Autumn provide better weather at a slightly higher price. Plan your move for a Monday or Tuesday to enjoy lower rates and less stress.

Planning a move is a massive endeavor that you shouldn’t take lightly. Get a headstart on your next move with more tips from our Home and Real Estate content today!