Now that cannabis is legal in many jurisdictions and has been shown to have medical as well as recreational applications. Selling CBD, THC, and other related products has become a potentially lucrative business. As with selling anything, offering a high-quality line of diverse products at competitive prices, along with effective marketing and advertising is a key to success. When dealing with cannabis, the right kind of packaging is also essential. Cannabis concentrates are valuable and need to be kept fresh. This is why they can’t be sold in just any kind of container.

Proper Packaging

Improperly packaged THC, CBD, and cannabis products can lose potency if they are improperly packaged. These valuable and delicate substances require concentrate packaging. By using the right containers, you can guarantee that your customers get fresh, high-quality, and full-potency cannabis products. There are many types of containers from which to choose. Some of the most popular and effective include:

  • Glass – Containers made from glass are ideal for newcomers to the business. They are built to hold 1-2 grams of concentrate and can hold a variety of products. They come with airtight caps that are also child-resistant.
  • Plastic – For vendors who sell CBD shatter, plastic packaging is ideal. They are large enough to hold shatter without having to break it up into flakes.
  • Envelopes – Shatter can also be safely packaged in envelopes. They have an elegant look and seal tightly to ensure the freshness and safety of the contents. You can also have them made with your company’s colors and logo.
  • Silicone – Containers made from silicone are lightweight, durable, and can hold 1-2 grams of a variety of cannabis products. They are one of the most popular types of packaging.
  • Droppers and bottles – For selling CBD distillate, bottles with droppers are your best bet. They are dark in color to prevent light from harming the contents and the dropper makes it easy for customers to use the right amount.

They are many packaging options and choosing one can seem overwhelming. By considering your needs as well as those of the product and customers, you can narrow down your options to the ones that will work best. 

The Correct Size

When choosing the right packing for your cannabis products, the importance of selecting the correct size cannot be overstated. You want as little excess air in the container as possible. Air will degrade the potency of cannabis concentrate, leaving your customers with a less-than-optimal product. Choose containers that will easily hold the right amount of concentrate while minimizing the air content. Containers should be able to be stored at room temperature, as well as in a freezer for long-term storage. When your sell a high-quality product, its packaging must protect it.

Selling CBD, THC, and cannabis concentrates is a good business with potentially high profits. Naturally, to gain and keep customers, your products must be of high quality and priced competitively. Be sure to protect your valuable products and your reputation by choosing the right kind of packaging.