The U.S. real estate market is worth a whopping 33.6 trillion dollars. And it’s only growing. 

Despite the effects of the pandemic, the housing market is facing its busiest season yet. If you were looking to sell your home, we have good news for you – it’s a seller’s market out there.

Selling a home has never been so quick and so easy. But are you wondering what’s the best time of year to sell your house? Below, we break it down.

Best Month to Sell a House

The homebuying season typically starts in the late spring. This is real estate’s busiest season. Why?

Well, parents are often looking for a house before the school year starts. In addition, it is ideal weather for showings and open houses.

The hotter the temperatures get, the more listings and sales start happening. Thus, there’s more competition to sell your home in the summer. But that also means there’s increased demand in the summer!

In terms of prices, homes sell for the highest in the middle of the year and less around and after the New Year.

Thus, in this article, we would suggest putting your house for sale in spring. You’ll then be able to go through the selling process and make the final sale by summer when you’ll get the best price for your listing.

Why Should I Sell My Home Now?

If you’re considering putting off your sale, don’t. Don’t delay your sale by more than half a year because the real estate market is booming.

Real estate agents are working overtime as there is high demand for buying houses. And most importantly, buyer intent is high. Prospective homeowners are ready to commit and make an offer rather than waiting till next year.

In addition to it being a seller’s market, mortgage rates are relatively low right now. As a seller, that benefits you as it incentivizes more people to buy. This increases the pool of people who might be interested in your property.

Homes are selling for higher prices right now too. They are also selling out fast – 86% of homes were on the market for less than a month! The typical market time was around 16 days, which is almost unheard of in the real estate world.

Thus, be sure to capitalize on this lucrative market soon! It may not be in such prime condition next year.

It’s the Best Time to Sell Your Home

There is no one answer as to when is the best time to sell your home. There are a lot of factors involved, and the truth is nuanced.

However, by evaluating your personal goals and internet, you should narrow down the time of year that will work for you. It’s all about strategy and planning at this stage!

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