There are so many different types of attorneys that it can sometimes be challenging to choose the right one for your needs. Most firms will have several areas of practice, such as employment law, family law or criminal law, but that will only help you narrow down the field if you know what those types of lawyers do.

Attorneys practicing employment law, for instance, can help with worker’s compensation claims, employment discrimination lawsuits and other cases relating to having and keeping a job. If you find yourself in a situation needing to hire a Denver business attorney, or one in your location, there are many sites online proving all the information you’ll need.


An employment lawyer can assist employees and employers with litigation associated with employment. These cases can include worker’s compensation claims, labor disputes and much more.

Explanation of Rights

Laws are often complicated, and it can be challenging to understand your rights in a situation and what things you can do to remedy problems. By consulting with your lawyer, you can start to unravel some of the confusion around your case and find a solid path forward with litigation, negotiation or settlement.


Employers often retain an employment attorney to help ensure that they comply with local, state and national law. Some of the statutes employers can be subject to include discrimination laws, environmental guidelines and safety regulations.

Wage and Hour Lawsuits

Disputes over hours and wages often involve employees being misclassified in company paperwork to avoid paying overtime. These cases can also include not paying an employee’s compensation and asking someone to work off the clock.

Employment Discrimination Lawsuits

When an employee is fired, not hired, demoted or held back from promotion due to a protected status such as age or religion, he or she can file an employment discrimination lawsuit. Being the recipient of adverse employment actions because of your innate traits or the biases of those with power in the workplace can be devastating. An employment law firm can help you receive the compensation you are owed. These lawsuits can result in monetary damages, fines, fees and training.

Filing of Complaints

Most employment law cases start with filing a complaint with a relevant government agency. These complaints must be filed before a private cause of action can be pursued, and your attorney can help you with the process. Your lawyer will also explain the necessary details of the case, such as deadlines and possible outcomes.

Employment Class Actions

When multiple employees have the same legal claim against an employer, such as working off the clock, they can join together for a class action lawsuit. This helps you split the cost of an attorney and court filings between multiple dependents and establish a pattern of action that may strengthen your case.

Union Issues

Employment firms often help with union issues, such as assisting employees in forming or joining a union, explaining to employers how to work with unions and much more. It is unlawful to act against employees seeking to create or join a union. For instance, if you fire someone for being a union rep, you can be sued and possibly fined by the government.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

A third-party lawsuit in employment law usually arises when someone besides the employer is involved in a workplace injury case. Workers’ compensation claims are generally handled well by the involved insurance companies, but sometimes it is necessary to have the help of an attorney to navigate the process. Your attorney can negotiate with the insurance companies and your employer on your behalf, leaving you more time to recover from the work-related illness or injury.

Attorneys practicing employment law can help with various cases, including filing claims with insurance companies or government agencies and litigating on your behalf in a discrimination case. These lawyers can also help employers write policies and procedures that comply with the laws, regulations and guidelines applicable to the company.