When it comes to investing in a home, many homeowners underestimate the importance of high-quality windows. The windows in your home are more than a pane of glass that allow you to admire an exterior view — they’re an important focal point with added safety and functionality features.

Today’s window styles are often available as single, double, and triple-glazed. Triple-glazed windows are quickly becoming the most popular choice among today’s homeowners. Let’s explore why that is.

In this blog, we’ll explore this popular window style, its benefits, and how homeowners can increase security with triple glazed windows.


What is a Triple-Glazed Window?

Before we discuss the benefits and nuances of triple-glazed windows, we first need to understand what this term means. A triple-glazed window has, as the name would suggest, three panes of glass — glazing is an industry term for glass. In between each pane of glass is a gas that acts as an insulation.

Unlike its double-glazed counterpart, which uses the same krypton or argon gas, triple-glazed windows inject gas into both air spaces. This can increase your energy rating by up to 20 percent.

What are the Benefits?

When it comes to deciding which window, treatment is right for your home, knowing the full range of benefits is essential to making the right decision for your home. The benefits of triple-glazed windows include:


With three layers of glass separating your family from wildlife, allergens, and potential intruders, you can take comfort knowing your new investment offers increased security solutions.


With additional krypton or argon gas, your home is better insulated — keeping internal temperatures regulated and preventing your furnace and air conditioning from working overtime.


Today’s homeowners are more concerned with incorporating energy-conscious appliances and home devices than ever before. Triple-glazed windows are designed to increase your energy rating, which will also save you money on your monthly energy bill.

What to Look For As a Buyer

During the process of choosing a triple-glazed window and its manufacturer, keep these important qualities and features in mind:

  • Does it contain Low-E glass?
  • The depth of the frame
  • Whether or not there are spacer bars in between the panels
  • Does your manufacturer offer a warranty?

What to Know About Installing Triple-Glazed Windows

When it comes to installation, triple-glazed windows can pose some obstacles that homeowners should be mindful of when making their decision. Each pane of glass contributes to the weight of the overall structure, which means it’s important to choose a frame that can withstand triple-glazing.

This additional weight may also contribute to your overall installation costs on top of paying for the window itself, which is typically more costly than a single-pane or double-pane window.

The most important thing to remember in these cases is that it’s best to consult a professional for their expert opinion. You can discuss your home’s needs and what you want to get out of your new windows, and they’ll walk you through your options and help you understand the details and benefits that come with modern triple-glazed windows.