Owning a pool is a luxury many people strive to obtain in today’s society. In fact, there are around 10.4 million residential pools in the United States. 

Of those millions, there is a wide variety of different styles and types in the pool industry that people prefer. 

Knowing about all the options can help you make the pool choice that best fits your needs. 

To learn about the most common types of pools, keep reading! 

Underground Pools

Underground pools are one of the best pool options for a residential area. These structures are made by digging a hole in your landscape and placing a shelled structure in it. Common materials used to construct these pools include concrete, fiberglass, vinyl, etc. 

These pools are great for their long-lasting strength and can usually be customized based on your desired size and shape. 

Above Ground Pools

Above ground, options are also some of the best pools due to their diversity. They can be constructed far easier, and almost anywhere you have room for them. Additionally, they can quickly be taken down if needed. 

These pools are excellent choices for those wanting to stick to a lower budget. In fact, these are usually the most affordable pools on the market. 

Indoor Pools

Indoor pools are not as budget-friendly and typically cost much more than other types. Their cost to construct also includes the structure sheltering the pool, meaning you’ll have more expenses to cover overall. 

However, indoor pools are great for many reasons. You can use indoor pools year-round without fear of dealing with poor weather conditions. This also means you won’t need to drain your pool in the winter since it will be in a temperature-controlled environment. 

Indoor pools also require considerably less pool cleaning. Your shelter keeps dirt, leaves, and sticks out of the water.  

Lap Pools

Lap pools are perfect for those who want to live an active and healthy lifestyle. These pools are primarily made for exercise and training due to their long shapes. Many people love exercising in water due to low-impact workouts and muscle therapy. 

A lap pool may cost more to install due to its length and overall size. However, it’s an investment for both recreation and physical health. 

Heated Pools

A heated pool comes in handy for those who love spending time in the water year-round. Usually, you can set your desired temperature in your pool, which allows you to use it even in the winter months. 

Many people choose this option for colder climates in the United States. This ensures they get an adequate amount of use each year. 

Different Types of Pools to Consider 

There are specific benefits to all of these types of pools, as you have read. You can make an informed decision depending on your necessities. 

After making your choice, you’ll soon have the pool of your family’s dreams to enjoy.  

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