Are you considering a move to the great state of Virginia? It’s a gorgeous place to live. With its rich history, beautiful nature, and truly great neighborhoods, what’s not to love?

If you are considering moving here, then you’re likely wondering about what the best neighborhoods in Virginia are. There are plenty to choose from, the only tough part is narrowing it down.

That’s exactly what we’ve tried to do for you below. Read on for a rundown of some of the best neighborhoods in each and every corner of the state that’s known as the Mother of Presidents.

Best Neighborhoods in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is a beautiful seaside city in southeastern Virginia, sitting between the Chesapeake Bay and the majestic Atlantic Ocean. If you’re looking for a home here, then why not consider the charming community of Sandbridge?

Sandbridge is a laid-back area where the pace of life moves a little slower. In this sense, it’s one of the best neighborhoods for families in Virginia Beach. If you’re looking for a small and unassuming town by the sea, then this is the perfect place for you.

About a 45-minute drive up the coast, you have another seaside town: Chic’s Beach. This is a small community offering plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. Another great option in the Virginia Beach area.

Best Neighborhood in Richmond Virginia

Moving inland and to the northwest, we have Richmond Virginia. Richmond is, of course, the state’s capital. As such, it’s got a lot of great amenities that make it a wonderful place to live.

There are plenty of neighborhoods in Richmond Virginia that are desirable to both young professionals and families and Maymont is certainly one of the most picturesque. Maymont is an upscale residential area located west of downtown on the banks of the James River. Here, you have state parks, a beach area that’s great for kids, and a plethora of great schools.

Best Neighborhood in Alexandria Virginia

Alexandria is a city located along the famous Potomac River, south of Washington, DC. It’s a historic place that’s been home to countless politicians since its days playing host to the Founding Fathers. Alexandria is a beautiful city, and Rosemont is a similarly beautiful neighborhood.

It’s characteristically historic—sitting on the National Register of Historic Places—and the homes are built in beautiful Colonial Revival or Craftsman styles. This is a mainly residential area that’s quiet enough for families but could also be of interest to young professionals working in DC. If you’d like to dive deeper into this charming neighborhood, click for more.

Find Your Perfect Place

Virginia is a state that’s so full of history, culture, and beauty that there’s a place here for everyone, no matter their age, tastes, or interests. We hope this list of some of the best neighborhoods in Virginia has made your search to find yours a little easier. If you’re looking for more relocation or real estate advice, see the rest of our site now.