The study was conducted to check the oral health of people in Winnipeg, and the result suggested that only 6% of respondents said their oral health was bad, 46% said they had seen the dentist within the previous year, and 68% said they felt they required dental work.

The perception of good oral health can result in poor oral health in real life, as people might neglect their health. This is the reason it is advised that people should visit Winnipeg orthodontists regularly for the following reasons:


Benefits Of Visiting Orthodontists Regularly

Fix Oral Issues Earlier

You’ve never considered your teeth to be particularly dirty. But if you’re not regularly visiting your dentist or orthodontist, it’s a good idea to find one and schedule regular checkups. A dentist can identify dental issues early, which may afford more treatment options—and probably fewer invasive ones—than if left untreated for too long. Jaw issues can also be really annoying and fortunately, there are dental clinics that can get you the perfect jaw in a day, this can not only fix your jaw and but also give offer quick rehabilitation period.

Additionally, dentists have specialized training in cleaning teeth and other oral hygiene procedures. Brushing alone isn’t enough to keep your mouth healthy; plaque can build up under braces and behind bridges or retainers, causing gum disease (gingivitis) or tooth decay (cavities). Brushing twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste after meals is essential to prevent these problems from arising. The average gross salary of an orthodontist in Manitoba, Canada, is US$246,482 or an equivalent hourly rate of $119.

Save Your Teeth

Sometimes a tooth becomes so rotten and decaying that it needs to be removed. Since you only have one adult set of teeth, losing any of them permanently might negatively impact your oral health. As you lose teeth, your mouth may experience various changes, including your teeth moving on their own. Your grin may no longer be what it once was due to this. One of the main advantages of routine dental appointments is that they can save your teeth by preventing permanent damage.

Bleeding And Inflamed Gums Can Be Easily Treated

Bleeding and inflamed gums can be a common problem for many people. However, an orthodontist can help treat these ailments with laser therapy. The laser is used to straighten teeth and treat gum disease. Orthodontists sometimes recommend that you get your teeth cleaned by an oral hygienist before or after your braces are put on. This will help prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar on your teeth which could cause infections if not removed regularly.

Oddly Shaped Teeth Need The Care Of An Expert

If you have a misaligned or crooked set of teeth, an orthodontist is a person to see. They can check your teeth and recommend treatment options based on their assessment. Orthodontists can use braces and other appliances to align your teeth and ensure they are positioned correctly in your mouth.

If you have gaps between your teeth, an orthodontist may recommend filling them with dental implants or using clear plastic retainers that fit over the upper part of each tooth (known as night guards). The retainers help keep food out of these spaces while preventing new decay from forming around the roots of those teeth.

How Often Should You Go?

A single cleaning visit every six months will suffice for most patients; however, if you have sensitive teeth or gums that bleed easily during brushing sessions, then having two cleanings per year is recommended instead.


Regular visits to Winnipeg orthodontists can prevent gum disease. Regular visits can also prevent jaw surgery. Poor oral health can lead to many other health issues like headaches etc. So it’s better to avoid such situations rather than regretting them later. You can do so just by regularly visiting orthodontics.