Have you ever used the Vingo app? If you have not, we urge you to try this great for your cycling requirements. Of course, you might have to have a stationary cycle with the latest connectivity tools and sensors.

If you have installed and tried using the app for your regular needs, then we bet you that you can’t uninstall this amazing indoor cycling app. It is not easy for other apps to replace this one with their limited features. The main reasons that will keep you glued to the app are as follows.

Vingo is a Multipurpose App

First and foremost the fact that Vingo is a multipurpose app will make you truly admire this product. Whether you want to use the app for your indoor cycling sessions or for your running exercises, the app is a perfect companion.

It can be installed on a number of different devices. For example, whether you have an iPhone or a Macbook or an iPad, you can use this app. You may wonder, what if you have an Android or Windows device. Don’t worry the app is also compatible with other operating systems. However, the Android version and the Windows version are being tested and developed nbow. You can soon install the app on other devices too.

It has Good Visuals & Experience

When you install and use Vingo, the first thing that you will notice is the truly stunning visuals that are often comparable to the real life locations that you see in the world. With such a high quality visual, the app motivates you to explore these places. As you are cycling in the virtual world, this is called online cycling. 

You can use the app in conjunction with your stationary cycle, exercise bike or even your treadmill. After the successful connection, you can use the screen in your device, say your mobile phone, you will feel like you are running inside the virtual world. Overall the wonderful experience won’t allow you to uninstall it.

Vingo can also be Used for Running

If you have been using Vingo only for your cycling sessions, then you have been under-utilising this gem of an app. The app can also be used for running. Vingo is an excellent app for running too. You can invite your friends into the world of Vingo and challenge them for a virtual race. Or if you have a large number of friends, then you can conduct a massive online race that is conducted similar to a running race in real life.

Provides an All-around Care for Your Physical Fitness

Of all the advantages of the Vingo app, perhaps the most unique one is the all around care that the app provides for your physical fitness. You need not worry about how obese or overweight you are. When you start using the app, you will get all the urgent care that you need for fitness. The app not only tracks your activity but also motivates you to exercise and get fit.