When you have a pair of glasses, and you want to get rid of scratches, there are a few different ways that you can try. Some involve using a bit of sandpaper, and some include using something called etching cream. These methods are both relatively easy to do and are great for getting a nice finish on your glass.



Using vinegar to clean your eyeglasses can be beneficial in several ways. It can help removing scratches from glasses and make them look as good as new. But it should be noted that rubbing with dirty hands is not the best way to go about it. Instead, try using the proper tools and cleaning solutions to get your lenses sparkling clean.

Applying distilled white vinegar is a quick and easy way to clear cloudiness on your glasses. Just make sure you use a soft cloth to wipe it off. Rinsing your glasses with cool water is also essential.

Another way to clear up your cloudy eyeglasses is to use baby shampoo. You can also buff out scratches with a microfiber cloth. These products are safer than vinegar for cleaning your lenses, but you can also use household items like lemon juice to do the job.

The baking soda and water combo is another excellent solution for removing scratches. Mix the ingredients in a container until you form a thick paste. Apply this mixture on your scratched lenses, and leave it for 15 minutes before you wipe it off with a soft cloth.


It may be surprising to learn that rubbing alcohol can remove scratches from glasses. Not only does it keep your eyeglasses comfortable, but it also kills some germs. Using a microfiber cloth to wipe off the alcohol will help to remove any traces of the substance.

The occasional scratch can be annoying if you wear prescription eyeglasses or cheap sunglasses. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions to this problem.

The most efficient way to clean your eyeglasses is to dispense them with abrasives and harsh cleaning agents. If you aren’t handy with chemicals, opt for a solution that is as chemical-free as possible. 

Another way to keep your glass lenses fresh is to spritz a little vinegar on them. Vinegar is known for its many uses, including removing stains and making your glasses more transparent. Besides, a fresh coat of polish will make you look like a sexy glass snob.

Etching cream

If you have a scratched lens, etching cream can be inexpensive. However, it is essential to follow instructions.

Etching cream removes coatings and glazes from glass, porcelain, and ceramics. It can also be used to repair scratched glasses.

Etching cream is a diluted mix of chemicals. Typically, a specialized cream is available that contains hydrofluoric acid. This etchant is safe for use on the skin and can also be safely applied to plastic lenses.

Using etching cream is a simple process, but you will need to wear protective eyewear such as goggles. A small container can last for quite a while.

When applying etching cream to a glass lens, it is recommended to use a soft cotton swab. The swab will help to spread the etching cream, and you can then leave it on for five minutes. After that, the etching cream can be scrubbed with a clean q-tip.

After removing the etching cream, you can rinse the lens with water. You can buff the lens with baby oil to polish the coating.


Using sandpaper to remove scratches from glasses can be a tricky process. While it can effectively eliminate some scratches, the technique can further damage the lens and the coating. Without the right tools and skills, it is better to take the glass to a professional eye care specialist.

Firstly, you should wear a pair of safety glasses. Secondly, you should use a dust mask. Sandpaper is abrasive to wearing down the coating on the lenses. Also, do not use sandpaper on prescription eyeglasses. The UV protection coating could be damaged.

Next, you need to select the correct grit for the job. You can start with coarser grits and progress to finer grits. Once you have finished sanding the glasses, you should clean the area with a soft cloth.

It would be best to sand the edge of the glass in a circular motion. After a few minutes, the surface should be smooth again.

If you want to sand deeper scratches, you can use baking soda. It is a solution made of one part water and two parts baking soda. You can apply the mixture with a cotton ball or soft cloth.

Car wax

If your glasses have a scratch, you can try a few methods. Car wax is one of the most effective ways to remove scratches from glasses. However, using a product designed explicitly on glass is a good idea. The downside is that it can ruin your glasses.

For the same reasons, using a whitening agent to remove a scratch on your glasses is not the best move. It is because it could strip the coating from your lenses.

Another effective method is a scrub with baking soda and water. Use a microfiber cloth to apply the mixture and then remove any traces. After this step, you should be left with nearly scratch-free glasses.

Another technique for removing scratches is to apply a small amount of wax to the damaged area. Be careful to rub in a circular motion. You should repeat this process a few times before the site is entirely scratch free.

A more powerful scratch-removal method involves using a chemical called Hydrofluoric Acid. Its name may sound like an oxymoron, but the product is a lifesaver.