Sure, a swimming pool is a blessing in the summer, escaping the heat and playing in the water all day can be really fun. But once the heat is cooling down, do you really want to close down the pool? Owning a swimming pool is a privilege, but it can turn into a burden if you can’t use it.

There’s just nothing quite like swimming in a lukewarm pool in autumn when the summer heat has gone down. But how do you do that? Can you really heat your swimming pool? The short answer is yes. Simply contact California Pool, one of the most recognized luxury pool builders in Austin, or a similar company near your location. And here are some various methods you can use to heat your swimming pool, so you can use it for much longer.

A pool heat pump

One of the methods to heat your swimming is by investing in a pool heat pump system. A pool heat pump typically draws in warm air from the atmosphere and uses that same air to heat the pool. Heating a swimming pool with a heat pump system is so easy and requires no effort whatsoever.

There are also other heat pumps that use different methods to heat the pool. Nowadays, you can find all kinds of heat pumps, simply choose one based on how much you can spend on the initial investment and what kind of energy you want the system to use.

Use a solar cover

If you’re looking for a cheap way to heat your swimming pool, you can try using a solar cover. It’s cheap because the initial cost should not come anywhere near most other methods, even for bigger pools. The root cause of heat loss in a pool is evaporation. Heat always rises, so the warm water rises to the top of the pool surface and then evaporates into thin air. This usually happens during the day when the sun is still shining, and the pool is exposed to it.

A solar cover could prevent this from happening and keep your pool warm for much longer. It acts as a protective lid and is designed to absorb the heat from the sun and reduce or completely stop evaporation. This method is really great if you live somewhere with enough direct sunlight.

Windproof pool enclosure

If you live in a windy area, you may need a windproof pool enclosure to keep your pool warm. The wind could alter the surface area of your pool which then cools down the warm water. The warm water could also be pushed away from the pool and go somewhere else.

A windproof pool enclosure ensures that the wind won’t be able to push the warm water away and therefore prevent the water from losing its warmth. And you get a bonus too on top of that. A windproof pool enclosure can also make the pool usable during rain. The initial cost would depend on the materials used and the size of the pool.

A black hose trick

This trick is really smart and could be the perfect solution for people who don’t want to spend too much to heat their swimming pools. And it could be one of the cheapest tricks you can use if you live somewhere sunny. The trick involves using a black hose, so get one that is long enough to be connected to the nearest water tap and the pool.

After you get the hose, unravel it, and connect it to the nearest water tap outside your house. Wrap the house in coil formation somewhere in the direct sunlight. Make sure you run the remaining hose into the pool. This way, the sun will heat the water in the hose as it flows from the water tap into your pool. If the water isn’t warm enough, you can keep it inside the hose to get more sunlight before you let it flow into the pool.


These methods have been used by many pool owners from all over the world. Depending on which method you use, the initial cost, maintenance, and end result could vary quite a lot.

But, if you managed to use each method successfully, you can expect to have a warm swimming pool during the autumn and enjoy the pool for much longer.