Wildland firefighters work 14 days straight and rely on their gear bags to get them through long shifts. Choosing the best pack is crucial.

The modular fire pack is built for comfort. It has an ergonomic harness system and adjusts for a custom torso curve fit. It also features a drop-down fire shelter case that can be deployed with your right or left hand.


Wildland firefighter backpacks need to be able to store and withstand a lot of gear. Whether you’re a smokejumper or on a helicopter rappel team, a good quality pack is essential for storing and transporting your firefighting equipment, including your PPE.

Many wildland packs feature features that support versatility. For example, some packs have Cobra-lock ready yoke attachment points to hang flagging and fiber tape or full zip away fusee pouches for rotor wing crew shuttles. Other features may include storage garages for front compression straps and daisy chains on shoulder pads to hang accessories.

Because firefighters often work long assignments, they need durable Mystery Ranch packs that will last. 

Bruising and severe chafing that lead to semi-permanent skin conditions are typical for wildland firefighters. They need a durable gear bag and a pack to carry their equipment.

Regional wildland differences will be identified and incorporated into the prototype design. Care and maintenance will also be evaluated to determine how wash durability impacts the valuable life of protective clothing.


Whether you’re a smokejumper, helicopter rappeller, or working on a helitack crew, the pack you carry should work with you and not against you. It’s essential that the gear you need is easy to access and that the pack is comfortable for long shifts in rugged conditions.

The FS-1 Ranger packs feature a drop-down fire shelter case, molly attachments, and a customizable interior, so you only carry what’s necessary for the assignment. 

An adequately loaded wildland firefighter pack is critical for the safety and success of a crew on the fire line. Having the right gear also reduces fatigue after hours on your feet.


A good wildland fire pack stores carry and provide ready access to all the equipment a crew needs. It should be compact and lightweight but capable of holding everything from a fire shelter to fire line tools and hydration bags. Rolls of bright, high-visibility flagging are a staple for wildland firefighters because they help them mark trails into and out of a fire site, identify hazards, and mark equipment and gear left along the fire line.


A well-designed wildland fire pack is designed with your crew’s specific needs. Choose packs with jump-compatible features like Cobra-lock-ready yoke attachment points, storage garages for front compression straps, a live wing belt, and double layering in high-wear areas to store and protect your gear while on the fireline effectively.

NFPA-certified line packs are available from various brands and include many customization options. Other personalization options for a wildland fire pack include colorways, hydration bladder size, and style and cover options. NFPA-certified packs are made with various high-quality materials.