Are you socking away at least 1% of your home’s value for unexpected repairs? If not, you should start — especially if you’re noticing issues with your home’s foundation. After all, you don’t want to be caught off guard when a home foundation inspection leads to an unpleasant repair quote.

Stick around so you can understand the hidden costs of home foundation repairs!

Consider the Cost to Repair Cracks

It’s not uncommon to see cracks in home foundations. But if you notice one, don’t ignore it. You don’t want it to expand into a bigger crack that jeopardizes your home’s structural integrity.

Sealing cracks may only cost a few hundred dollars. Sinking or shifting soil usually is the culprit. But with a concrete sealant, your cracks should be fine in no time!

Drainage Issues Can Add Up

After a severe spring storm, do you notice a lot of water in the basement? Aside from mopping up the water, you should investigate whether the leak signals a bigger problem.

The soil around your foundation may be too soaked with water. When this happens, it pushes against the foundation, causing water to find its way in through cracks.

You may need to invest in waterproofing your foundation. Contractors will seal your basement against water and vapor. You could spend over $5,000 to do this — but you’ll get lasting results. 

Alternatively, you may need a draining tube that links to a sump pump beneath the basement floor. This will activate if the water levels start to rise. 

Jack Up Your Home

Rather than installing a new foundation, why not lift the one you already have? Slab jacking is a process to do just that. And best of all, it’s a lot cheaper than other options and may only set you back a few thousand dollars.

A technician starts by perforating your existing foundation, which may be sinking, with small holes. Hoses inject a combination of grout and foam into the holes. The mixture helps to elevate your foundation within hours!

Don’t have time or funds to invest in rescuing your foundation? Turn to to sell your home regardless of the foundation’s status.

A Shifting Home Requires Piers

When it comes to home repairs, foundation repairs can be among the most expensive. While cracks may only require sealant, a shifting home requires more significant intervention. This can come in the form of piers that are installed beneath the foundation.

The piers help to level out areas of your foundation and provide support. How many piers you need to install will depend on what a home foundation inspection reveals. At over $1,000 per pier, though, you could see a total cost that exceeds $10,000.

The good news is this process of underpinning your foundation provides a secure solution!

Take Care of Home Foundation Repairs

Home foundation repairs might sound intimidating, but they may save your foundation. Address issues related to water leaks immediately to avoid significant problems. And talk to an expert before deciding if piers or slab jacking is the solution to an uneven foundation.

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