The wine industry has often been considered a high brow taste or past time. This has however changed over the last few decades as more people have ventured into the world of wine and become enthusiasts in their own right. Wine is such an interesting thing to consider. It is an entire experience with each bottle telling a story of how it came to be from the first grape picked to the point of bottling. It is no wonder that folks who enjoy their wine find themselves online communities like that of the underground cellar, where they can share their wine experiences and learn more about their favorite drink. And as it turns out, there are several important things to know about wine.

Price Does Not Always Equate to Quality.

That a bottle of wine is expensive does not mean it is the best one and vice versa. It is easy to assume that good wine must be expensive but this is not always the case. There are several reasons why the price of an ordinary bottle can be pumped up way above its real value. Branding is way up on that list. People are easily lured into frivolous purchases via flashy branding. Throw in a celebrity as an ambassador and unwitting customers will throw their money across the counters. What determines price is vintage, oak, and origin, all things a site like the Underground Cellar would explain much better.

Not All Wines Are Meant to Be Aged.

Apparently, the saying, ‘age like fine wine’ doesn’t refer to all wine. Certain bottles have a shelf life as short as a year. They need to be consumed within a year of production. Who knew?

Grapes Taste Different Depending on The Region They Originate From.

The taste of grapes is determined by the topography, soil, and climate of the region where they are grown. This also determines the taste of the wine.


There are several other amazing things to learn about wine and the best places to learn, share and enjoy the wine experience is with friends and acquaintance in person or through online communities.