I have long held the belief that there is just no point having any money sat in a bank account, at least not a large amount of money. The reason I believe this is because you don’t get good interest rates and over time inflation will make that money worth less than it is today. After reading some Traynor Capital Management reviews back in 2018, I realized that capital management and this firm in particular was certainly the best place to put my money. Three years on I now know for certain that this was a great move and my money has really been put to work for me. 

If you have a lump sum which you are sitting on, here is how a capital management company will put it to work. 

Various Risk Profiles 

Most investors aren’t really in it to make massive sums, in fact most of us are in it to make a little bit, and very keen on not losing anything at all. This was certainly my mentality anyway. What I was so happy about then was that before I moved my money across, the team spoke to me about what level of risk I was looking to take. At that stage I wanted 15% of the investment to go into high risk, and the rest to be considered medium risk. The team were able to tailor make this strategy for me, and it has proven to do very well indeed. 

Giving You Total Control 

Some investment programs will try to lock you in for a number of years and they will give you less control as result. What I wanted to do however was to have total control over my money, and ensure that I could in fact t are it out at any time that I wanted to. I was able to do this very easily with the team and even now I could pull everything out tomorrow if I wanted to. 

Giving You All Access

When I discussed how my high risk 15% would be invested the team discussed some truly exciting opportunities with me. For example young start-ups and pre IPOs can be a good way to make money, but they are not something which individuals can get involved with. These companies however are able to gain access to these investments and that was certainly something which I couldn’t have done without them. This was yet another reason why I am so happy that I chose a firm like this to invest with. 

Ultimately we have to simply bow to the knowledge and the expertise which these guys have when it comes to investing. Unlike most of us, they are spending each and every single day devoted to investing money and making smart analysis which they can then use to make their clients more money. This is why I’d recommend using a capital investment company for you investments.