Medical marijuana is legal in 37 states plus the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. With such widespread acceptance, many use marijuana to help combat various medical ailments.

Curious to learn more about the advantages of using medical marijuana in Florida? Well then, keep reading as we explore our top five benefits of marijuana.

1. Relieves Chronic Pain

One of the most significant benefits of medical marijuana is its ability to help fight chronic pain. This is because many of the chemical compounds in cannabis are cannabinoids.

Preliminary studies show cannabinoids can help with chronic pain associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, injury, and other conditions. However, the science is inconclusive since more clinical trials are needed to draw better results.

For chronic pain, medical marijuana is an excellent alternative to consider for relief and something you can speak with your doctor about.

2. Helps Regulate Seizures

Ongoing studies look at the medical marijuana benefits concerning epilepsy and stroke. Although many have contested the studies, some outcomes are promising.

In 2018, the FDA approved EPIDIOLEX oral solution to treat two epilepsy syndrome seizures. This was a significant breakthrough for epilepsy treatment and the greater medical marijuana scientific community.

If you struggle with seizures and want to try marijuana, look up where to get medical marijuana near you.

3. May Help Prevent Cancer From Spreading

Aside from helping with the pain and nausea from chemotherapy, some studies show cannabinoids can help fight cancer too. The science is still in its infancy, though.

Animal studies suggest certain cannabinoids may slow growth and reduce the spread of some forms of cancer. However, scientists need to conduct more clinical trials in humans to gather more information.

Although marijuana could offer a breakthrough in helping treat cancer, relying on it as the sole treatment for cancer is still far off.

4. Slow Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)

Cognitive degeneration is normal as we age. Yet, some studies suggest cannabinoids can help manage AD by targeting the endocannabinoid system.

While there is still no treatment for AD, slowing down its spread and reducing its symptoms are vital for managing it. Although scientists need to carry out more clinical testing, medical marijuana could be a relatively safe and low-cost therapy for AD.

5. Assist With Treating Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Those with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis may find relief using marijuana. Due to cannabidiol’s anti-inflammatory properties, it can help decrease pain and nausea while stimulating the appetite.

But again, more studies are needed to establish a deeper connection between inflammatory bowel diseases and marijuana.

Get Medical Marijuana in Florida

Even though these top five marijuana benefits are promising, scientists worldwide are doing more studies to identify ways to use the plant to treat different medical conditions.

If you want to try medical marijuana in Florida to help with your ailment, speak with your doctor. Medical marijuana became legal in March 2019, so your doctor can assist you with obtaining a medical marijuana card.

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