A dream of many homebuyers is to have a swimming pool. Even if they can’t afford a home with an existing pool, they purchase one with a big enough yard to have a pool installed one day.

Having a backyard pool has many benefits. Swimming is a great form of exercise. Pools enhance your entertainment options and increase your home’s resale value.

When it’s time to add your pool, you want to have the most current and best backyard pool design ideas available. Pools come in different sizes with multiple amenities.

Keep reading for five swimming pool designs you should consider for your home.

Choosing Backyard Pool Design Ideas for Your Home

Custom pools are more accessible to homeowners than they were thirty years ago. There are backyard pool designs for every budget and property size. 

Set your budget, secure financing, and choose the design right for you. Here are popular trends to choose from.

1. Above Ground Pool Designs

If you’re someone who loves contrast and depth, an above-ground backyard swimming pool is a perfect concept. This pool design works well with landscapes incorporating the latest stones, fountains, and lighting. 

You can create a beautiful bar on the outside and in-pool seating on the reverse side. Your above-ground pool also has options for siding that can match the home’s exterior or provide contrasting designs.

2. Creative Design Pool

Creative swimming pool ideas are for properties with large backyards and unique spaces. Pools no longer must fit the rectangular mold. You can have curves or straight lines. Your pool design can have a jacuzzi entertainment area and expand outward with enough space for numerous guests.

Creative pool designs allow you to create the experience of your dreams.

3. Dipping Swimming Pool

Dipping swimming pool designs are for homes with limited space but are larger than a jacuzzi or hot tub. Since pools are not always about swimming, dipping pools can provide a space for relaxation.  

The pool is the perfect size to do water aerobics or to relax on a water float. Include seating so you and your friends can relax over a glass of wine.

4. Family-inspired Pools

Family-inspired swimming pools will make your home the place all your kid’s friends want to hang out. You’ll want a shallow end for the kiddies and a deeper end to accommodate a diving board.

Family pools can also include a jacuzzi and waterworks.

5. Infinity Luxury Pool

We’ve all seen them and dreamed of having one. Infinity pools give the illusion that water is cascading off the side of a mountain. However, you don’t need to live on a hill or mountainside to have one.

The right pool designer can create an infinity pool in any yard.

Get Ready to Take a Dip

We hope these backyard pool design ideas have provided inspiration. Expect the project to take about six to eight weeks, depending on the pool’s design.

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