Along with maple syrup, health care, and the beaver, residents of Vancouver love their beer. It is the most popular alcoholic drink in the region and the country, with more than $9 billion in annual sales. Besides the big beer brands, Vancouver also boasts a vibrant local brewery culture, with more than 100 local breweries in Greater Vancouver alone.

Beer Vancouver comes in a beautiful array of beverages that are enjoyable and refreshing. However, the beverage is more than just acrid and fizzy. Instead, the drink has a rich fragrance and palate that can be enjoyable to encounter during a tasting.

Instead of just pouring and sipping the drink, experiencing the complex flavors during a tasting can be thrilling. Before going on a tasting, you should know the following.

Understand the Styles:

The variety of beer styles available in Vancouver is astounding, and each has a unique characteristic. It is critical to comprehend these styles to explore the inherent flavors. Here are some popular trends you should be aware of.

With its robust hop taste, balanced malt, and some variants that exhibit floral, fruity, and peppery overtones, Indian Pale Ale is one of Vancouver’s most popular craft styles. Pilsners are a lager with a strong hop flavor originating in the Czech Republic.

Instead of being a style, porters and stouts are frequently regarded as novel beer varieties. Stout has a thick body with traces of roasted and sweet flavors. They typically have dark colors. Stouts and porters are very similar; however, porters have a more chocolaty flavor and texture.

Ambers can be identified by their vivid amber to red color range and malty caramel undertones. They might be lagers or ales.

Drink from a Mug at All Times:

A bottle guzzled down on warmer days is very different from tasting beer’s deep, intuitive sensation. Therefore, pouring it into a suitable glass is the greatest approach to comprehending and exploring it. The procedure aids in releasing all of the beverage’s aroma and flavor components, providing you with an excellent overall experience.

Palate Cleanse:

Beer tasting is done to savor the complex flavors concealed in a high glass. The best way to accomplish this is to frequently cleanse your palate so you can distinguish between the elements in each new type. Drink water to rinse your mouth after tasting each type to experience the complex flavors and notes in each sip. You are now ready to resume your tasting after spitting out the water.

Mind the Temperature:

You may get an authentic flavor and aroma by tasting it at the appropriate temperature. Too hot or too cold temperatures will alter the bitterness and carbonation of the beer. Before starting your tasting, take it out of the fridge and let it sit at ambient temperature for at least 15 minutes.

Final Thoughts:

It all comes down to trying the wide varieties of beer in Vancouver with an open mind to determine which one suits your palate. Knowing more about the drink will help you narrow down your favorite options. Make the most of your upcoming beer tasting by following these suggestions.