The best way to speed up the printing and delivery of your large-format items is to communicate what you want as clearly as possible. You must also prepare your files to the correct standard and specification instead of leaving everything to the printing company. This helps minimize confusion and saves you money and time. However, this isn’t an easy task if it’s your first time.

So, is WeTransfer Safe? which fonts are more readable and clear? And which color should I go with? This article will help answer all your questions about extensive file preparation and transfer to help you get started.


Find the Right Fonts for Readability

The main objective of wide extension projects is to get people to view and read from a distance. For this reason, you want to ensure you pick the right fonts that are more readable and legible. This way, you can expose your brand name and advertise the product or service with a purposefully selected message. Sans serif fonts are recommended for providing balance in clarity and style.

Choose Colors Wisely

You also want to ensure the colors you choose don’t hinder readability or obscure some words. Choose colors that contrast between the letters and the background. Dark but vivid colors for the backdrop and light colors like white for the text. This helps improve readability from a distance.

Balance Simplicity With Boldness

To pass your message as far as possible, you must ensure that your poster is clear and legible without looking too boring. Carefully combine style with simplicity by leveraging the use of logos and lines in the design. Make sure texts are short and straightforward.

Use the Right Message

The primary purpose of a large file print is to get your audience to take action by discovering your brand, making a purchase, or taking advantage of a promotion you’re running. That means including essential and relevant information such as your brand’s name, address, and contact information. Avoid overstuffing your documents with details, as they could impact the overall effectiveness of the message.

Use Safe and Secure Means to Transfer Your Files

There are many ways of transferring large files that you can use to share your files. One of them is services like WeTransfer security. Systems like that allow you to keep your files safe from attacks and exploitation when you transfer them and the printing company stores them. Once the company receives and stores the files, they can only access them through the unique links sent to them and you.