Termites, ticks, bed bugs, and mosquitos are the pests that pose the most risk to households in the US. But ants and other insect infestations are also possible.

You want to do everything you can to avoid getting pests in the first place, especially bed bugs because an infestation can be difficult to remove. They can cause sleepless nights and leave irritating rashes on your body. If you notice them, the best thing to do is call a bed bug exterminator ASAP. A professional will ensure the issue is solved immediately. 

But not all pest control companies are the same. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you might find yourself out of pocket with pests still in your home.

Don’t worry! These pest control tips will help you hire the right company with the best value and services.

Find Out What You’re Dealing With

Before you hire a bug exterminator, you should know exactly the type of pest you are dealing with. Of course, if you see the pest then you can skip this step. But a lot of pests leave the same “signs.”

Rats and mice leave similar black droppings, but rats leave much bigger ones that are sometimes up to one inch in length.

If you find dead black bugs, they might be bed bugs but they might be something else. Bed bugs feed on blood, so if you see a red stain where you find the bug then that is a clear sign.

Compare Exterminator Companies

When researching exterminator companies, check if they have residential or commercial pest control services. Some don’t have the scope to exterminate on larger, commercial properties but some do.

If you have more than one pest control company in your area, don’t hire the first one you speak to. Get quotes from at least three so you don’t overpay. Check their reviews on independent review sites like TrustPilot and Facebook.

Check Certifications and Experience

Check the website of the bug exterminator and find their credentials. They should have a license to use pest control products and chemicals and they should have insurance, too.

You also need to check that they deal with the type of pest you likely have. Some specialize in certain types of bugs whereas some exterminate everything.

Trust Their Recommendations

You may not want exterminators to use harsh chemicals in your home and on your belongings. And you may find five to six extermination sessions excessive. But if you don’t let the exterminators do their job, the pests will likely come back.

Ensure your exterminators return for a follow-up visit to check the pests have gone, too. If they haven’t, the company should exterminate your property until your pests are 100% removed free of charge.

Hiring a Bug Exterminator Is Always a Good Idea

If you only find a small number of termites, ants, or another pest in your home then you might think a bug exterminator isn’t necessary. But you shouldn’t risk it. And now you know exactly how to hire an exterminator, you have no excuses.

You will feel so much healthier, cleaner, and more relaxed with a pest-free home.

If you’re a homeowner, you have a lot of other responsibilities aside from keeping pests at bay. Browse our website for lots of financial and real estate tips and tricks, too!