There are so many credit cards out there, and choosing which one to apply for can be overwhelming. You can make the process a bit easier by finding out how to choose one. In the following paragraphs, we’ll go over the steps you may choose to take and assist you with answering the question regarding which one is best for you.

Which Type of Credit Card Do You Want?

There are quite a few different types of credit cards you might choose. A large part of learning how to get the correct card is knowing how credit cards work and which type will be the right fit for you.

Once you make a decision regarding which one will be best for you, choosing one is much easier and faster. Someone who is interested in remaining as healthy as possible will obviously need the best credit card for health and wellness, which is very different from that student looking to build credit from scratch.

This is why the first step when choosing one is to determine your main reason for getting it in the first place. Ask yourself what you might need it for.

Improve Credit Score

If you don’t have a good credit score or have no credit at all, the best place to start is with credit cards for bad credit. Many of the options in this category are secured cards, which you’ll need to pay a deposit to open. If you happen to be in college, a good option for you might be a student credit card. Either way, getting one of these cards and making your payments on time can improve your credit score.

Rewards for Purchases

Credit cards that offer rewards are a good thing to look for when you’re trying to find the best credit card for you. Cards of this nature allow you to earn rewards when you use them. If you’re looking to earn cash rewards, look for credit cards that offer cash back. If you like to travel, cards that issue air miles or other types of points that can be redeemed towards travel might be a good fit.


If you have a purchase that might take a bit of time to pay off, 0% APR cards might be what you need. This type of card offers a 0% APR on larger purchases. If you want this type of card, take a look at the introductory periods of the ones you’re looking at. Depending on the card you choose, it may be a year or more. Try to pay your balance off before that period ends.

Save Money

According to research done by The Ascent, the typical credit card balance in 2020 was $5,897. If you have debt like this, knowing how to select a credit card that has a balance transfer offer might net you large savings. This type of credit card can assist you with being able to pay less interest on your debt, like cards that offer 0% intro APR.

This kind of card has a 0% APR that will apply to balance transfers as opposed to the type that offers this benefit for purchases. If you get this kind of card and transfer your balances from your high-interest-rate cards, you can save on the interest.

To know which type of cards might be within your grasp, you need to know your credit score. You can do this easily online and for free at a few sites. Try to find a tool that will give you your FICO score. This is the most popular scoring model.