For many years, solar panels have been the pinnacle of eco-friendly living. In the eyes of many, these had the biggest payoff for their home and the environment. 

Since the 2010s, home solar panels have become more affordable than ever. Now, several households have decided that solar panels are a realistic purchase for their roof. In many parts of the world there are even community solar projects underway to ensure that sustainable energy is accessible to all.

However, buying solar panels is only half the battle. The next step involves hiring a solar panel company to install the panels. 

It can be challenging to find solar panel provider teams at first. Fortunately, you’re not alone! We’ll provide tips for home solar selection in the guide below.

Check That Your Home Solar Provider Is Licensed and Insured

When hiring solar panel providers, start by ensuring they have the appropriate licensing and insurance. As solar panels become a more lucrative industry, several people devise schemes to take advantage of financial opportunities. 

Licensing and insurance ensure that your solar provider runs a professional operation. Solar companies should at least hold a C-10 license. 

A C-10 license qualifies them as electrical contractors. This way, you can guarantee they have the qualifications to handle your system’s wiring and electrical components. 

Other solar installer licensure areas include general contracting, electrician, home improvement, etc. Also, ensure they have an OSHA certification and provide general liability insurance for their workers. 

Check Their Experience 

As mentioned before, the solar industry has experienced rapid growth. Several solar companies may exist in your area, giving you many options to choose from. 

One way to decide if a company is right for you is to check their experience. The more years of experience an installation team has, the more likely they are to provide your house with quality service. 

Other newer companies may have excellent equipment but less experience. This lack of past experience makes them more likely to face trouble in your installation. 

Also, check your local solar company options for their past work. Many businesses offer pictures of their work as a sort of portfolio. Most will provide references if you request them.

Search Their Reputation Online

These days, people will review anything on the Internet. This trend applies both to positive and negative customer experiences.

So, check out what people say about your prospective solar provider. Do they leave raving reviews about their efficiency and professionalism?

Or, do most people complain about poor service? Once you read enough reviews, you’ll get an idea of what companies seem trustworthy.

Check Solar Warranties and Maintenance

Using these strategies can help you find a reliable provider. Once you do, ensure they offer a workmanship warranty to cover any problems stemming from an improper installation.

Likewise, ensure they offer a maintenance plan. Maintaining your panels alone can become dangerous. So, it’s best to schedule regular appointments with your provider for maintenance needs.

Find Your Solar Provider Today

Using these tips can make finding a home solar provider much simpler. So, start your search for home solar panels today!

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