Did you know that Sacramento is the number one housing market in the United States? The northern California city topped the list due to its affordability, proximity to San Francisco, and return on investment.

Such a prestigious ranking stands to benefit the surrounding areas as well. Sun City Lincoln Hills real estate is one of those communities. Located just a short drive from Sacramento, Sun City’s residents get to enjoy the city life from a distance.

Read on to learn more about Sun City Lincoln Hills. Explore three things that you should know about Sun City Lincoln Hills real estate.

1. Ideal Location

Location is one thing that sets Sun City apart from other communities. Here, you can enjoy the city of Sacramento while maintaining peace and quiet in between.

Residents can reach the downtown in approximately 20 minutes. Travelers have easy access to the Sacramento International Airport for adventures.

There are other great destinations within driving distance. Wine enthusiasts can visit Napa Valley in an hour and a half drive. Both Lake Tahoe and San Francisco are within a two-hour drive.

Sun City has it all when it comes to the outdoors. You can enjoy biking, hiking, fishing, and more in this area.

2. Population Growth

Purchasing a home in Sun City is a good investment. There is a great demand in the area which is contributing to a spike in home prices. Many people want to know whether the increase in home prices is sustainable.

Based on the population growth in the greater Sacramento region, the answer is in the affirmative. The state of California actually lost roughly 182,000 residents in 2020. Meanwhile, the Sacramento area grew its population by close to 38 percent.

Surging home prices are pricing out many people from traditionally popular areas like San Francisco. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the prevalence of remote working.

Homeowners can reduce their living expenses by relocating to Sacramento. They are still close enough to drive into a Silicon Valley office if necessary.

The byproduct is that real estate demand is strong and sustainable. Sun City residents get the best of both worlds as they can enjoy the advantages of California while reducing housing expenses.

3. Active Lifestyle

Sun City is an active community for those that are 55+ up. This is a place for older Californians to enjoy retirement and improve their quality of life.

You can enjoy all types of different sports like softball and tennis. There are other fun games like pickleball and bocce ball to stay active. Residents get together to play volleyball and horseshoes as well.

There are two 18-hole golf courses on-site and there are other ways to enjoy the outdoors. Residents take to the walking paths and ride bikes to take full advantage of the California weather. Sun City is a wonderful place for family members and friends who want to visit.

Three Things To Know About Sun City Lincoln Hills 

You are now ready to begin your search for a home in Sun City. Buying real estate in Sun City is a wise investment as the area’s population is growing and demand is high. It is an ideal location and the quality of life is tremendous.

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