When in doubt, lawyer up.

Hiring a tax attorney is not about tax evasion, off-shore shell companies, or other nefarious behavior that you might see in the Panama Papers.

Tax attorneys allow law-abiding citizens and business owners to navigate the tax system legally and optimally.

The tax system is often not black and white. A qualified tax attorney is essential whenever uncertainty arises.

Hire a Tax Attorney if the IRS Contacts You

In most cases, when the IRS contacts individuals and businesses the matter is a routine request for documents to support a tax filing.

The IRS might contact a business requesting receipts supporting expense deductions. In these cases, individuals and businesses can work with the IRS to provide the documents and support their tax position.

When the IRS contacts an individual or business for a reason that is not immediately obvious, it is best to contact a tax lawyer near you.

A qualified tax lawyer can guide you through the IRS audit process. This process involves extensive communication with the IRS over an extended period of time and can be complex. A tax attorney is essential.

Additionally, the IRS is a large and powerful government agency and a tax attorney is essential for any negotiations.

The IRS is open to negotiating your tax bill or your payment plan. An experienced tax attorney is essential for achieving a favorable outcome.  

Hire a Tax Attorney Before You Start a Business

Tax is one of the largest expenses for many businesses.

It is important to consider the tax implications for all aspects of business planning before you begin operations, including register a company for VAT. Almost every decision you make in planning your business has tax ramifications.

Hiring a tax attorney early in the business planning process allows business owners to structure their business to minimize their tax costs while remaining within the law.

As your business grows, a tax lawyer can provide ongoing advice on business decisions and their tax implications.

Hire a Tax Attorney for Any International Business Transactions

If your business does any form of international business you should hire a tax lawyer.

International business transactions open an array of tax challenges. Off-shoring production or sales to international clients generally need a tax attorney’s expertise.

International business has tax implications that are best managed by a tax lawyer.

Hire a Tax Attorney Near You

If you or your business find yourself in a position that requires a tax attorney, hire a lawyer based in your state or local jurisdiction.

State and local taxes vary widely across the United States and can be as challenging to navigate as federal income tax.

A tax attorney near you is best positioned to understand your tax concerns and how to best overcome any legal challenges. 

Contacting a tax attorney near you early in the process of any tax dispute or challenge is often critical to a successful outcome.