The first step to finding the best shop is to ask friends and family for recommendations. They’ll be able to provide you with the most honest opinions about a particular body shop.

When you visit a body shop, look for one that is well-organized and clean. If they have tools and parts lying everywhere, it’s not a good sign.


Referrals from friends and family members can help you select an auto body shop. Personal recommendations can give insight into how satisfied others were with the shop’s work and customer service.

It would help if you also read online reviews of local shops. These can provide valuable information about the quality of repairs, customer service, and warranty policies.

Look for shops that are certified by manufacturers. These certifications show that the shop has the tools and resources to repair a specific vehicle to its original manufacturer’s standards.

Visit a few different shops and get estimates. Ask about warranties, the timeline for completion of the work, and whether the shop will replace any parts that may be faulty in the future. Finally, inspect the job once it’s complete. This will ensure that the original damage was fully repaired, that all replaced parts fit well and function properly, and that the paint job is smooth and even.


The warranty is the most crucial factor when getting a collision repair job done right. The best auto body shops provide lifetime warranties for their repairs.

This warranty gives customers peace of mind because they can pay for repairs if something goes wrong with the car after the repair. It also helps to ensure that the shop is confident in its work and believes it will last.

Be sure to ask about the shop’s warranty terms and conditions. They should include a paint manufacturer’s warranty for the new color, an artistry warranty for any welding performed by the shop, and what is known as a short parts warranty on the salvage or used parts the shop uses.

If you have an insurance company paying for the repair, it is also worth checking if they have specific shops they work with. This can help you save time and money by only having to go to the one the insurance company recommends.


Whether restoring your car’s appearance after an accident or ensuring it functions properly, you want to work with a team of experienced technicians. It is essential to ensure that the damage is fully assessed, that replaced parts fit correctly and are of quality and that a thorough post-repair inspection takes place.

Getting recommendations from friends and family members is one of the best ways to find an auto body shop with experience you can trust. Ask if they’ve been pleased with the quality of repair work, how quickly they received their vehicle back, and whether prices were reasonable.

Looking for shops affiliated with industry networks or associations is also a good idea. This can indicate that they follow certain best practices and are committed to improving their processes and customer service. You may even find some that offer unique services or specialized expertise in working with specific brands or models.

Customer Service

The quality of collision repair isn’t just about the work performed but also how the customer is treated. Choose a store that will take the time to respond to your inquiries and give you enough details to be assured of the work quality. Avoid shops that talk down to you, use overly complex terminology, or give false alarms about your vehicle’s condition.

A well-established shop is usually a good sign, as they have had the time to build a loyal client base. Also, look for a shop that uses genuine OEM parts instead of cheaper aftermarket replacement parts. These are better for your vehicle and may come with a warranty.

Examine internet evaluations and testimonies from prior clients to find out if they experienced timely completion of repairs, high-quality work, and reasonable costs. It would help if you also looked for a shop that prioritizes the customer, not the insurance company.