Have you been asking yourself “Do I need a two-story home?” If you’ve been looking to “level up” and move into a brand new place, you know how tempting it is to add a second story. Everyone dreams of having a bigger and better house, right?

Two-story homes are great, but they’re not for everyone. Before you make your decision, make sure that you’ve considered whether or not a two-story home is really the best choice for you and your household.

Keep reading to learn all about the pros and cons of a two-story home. 


Benefits of Living in a Two-Story Home

The most obvious benefit of living in a two-story home is that you get a lot more space without widening the footprint of your home. Even if you find a one-story home that has the same square footage as a two-story home, you’ll find that the one-story home is likely more money per square foot. 

While one-story homes are often cheaper, you’re getting less bang for your buck. Two-story homes, especially if you have them built for you, almost always cost less than equivalent one-story homes.

Two-story homes have more privacy for the people living within them. If you have multiple families living in one home, or if you have adult or teenage children, it’s ideal for everyone to have their own space. It’s also great for babies in nurseries because they can be separated from the noise on the ground floor.

Finally, having a two-story home gives you a view. You’ll be able to see the neighborhood in a whole new way from your second-story bedroom (or even better, your second-story balcony). Contact kendrahudson.com if you can envision yourself relaxing by the window of your two-story home!

Downsides of Living in a Two-Story Home

With this in mind, living in a two-story home isn’t perfect. There are still downsides that you have to consider.

Two-story homes often cost more to heat, cool, and power overall. As the square footage of your home increases, so too do your power bills. Because the home is larger and covers two stories, your HVAC system needs to work harder to control its temperature. 

Two-story homes always have stairs unless you happen to get a home with an elevator. This means that they’re not convenient for people who struggle with their mobility. Because you never know when an injury is going to happen, this can turn into a problem. 

Are You Ready to Move Into a Two-Story Home?

When you live in a two-story home, you’ll get a great view of the neighborhood, plenty of privacy, and a great price for your square footage. In exchange, you’ll have higher energy bills and you’ll have to deal with stairs. 

Is leveling up right for you? If so, reach out to your local real estate agent to find your perfect new two-story home.

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