Around 36% of homes are sold for cash, which shows its popularity is on the rise. 

Selling a house for cash has many benefits from streamlining the process to guaranteeing you a sale. Perhaps you’re selling your home but you’re unsure whether choosing a cash buyer is worth it.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the main advantages of selling your home for cash.  

Fast Closing

One of the main reasons to sell a house with cash is that it’s a faster process as you don’t deal with lenders. Traditional sales take around a month at the minimum, whereas a cash home sale takes two weeks.

This is perfect if there’s a time-sensitive reason for your move such as moving for a new job or getting divorced.   

Less Risk

There’s always a risk in the home selling process because the prospect may not get financing or they may withdraw their offer. With a cash buyer, sellers know the prospect is ready to hand over the money ASAP.

As a result, homeowners who sell a house for cash express less stress through the process. 

Save Money on Repairs

One of our top home selling tips is to choose a cash buyer because it saves you a fortune. Most homeowners have to make costly repairs or remodel their outdated kitchen for a prospect to buy it.

But when you choose a cash home sale, the buyers purchase your home as-is, so you can use the money you save on your new property.  

No Paperwork

The traditional home selling process is stressful because you’re bombarded with a pile of forms to check and sign. And even the smallest mistake can cost you and prolong the process. 

Instead, when you choose a cash buyer, you check their reviews and references before handing over the keys. Simple!

Save on Commission Fees

Selling a home is a costly experience, as you pay fees with lenders and mortgages.

But when you sell your home for cash, then you don’t pay anyone because the buyer already has the payment.

No Marketing Involved 

Marketing your home can be a stressful experience. You need to hire a real estate agent, spruce up the property, and hire a professional photographer to snap images for your listing.

When you choose a cash buyer, however, the process works the other way around. Here, the seller finds a prospect who offers an all-cash deal. If this interests you, then check out URB Chicago and they’ll guide you throughout the process. 

Selling a House for Cash Benefits

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll now consider selling a house for cash. 

Choosing a cash buyer means you sell faster, avoid risks, and save a fortune. It also means you needn’t spend ours marketing your listing and deal with a sky-high pile of paperwork. What’s not to love? 

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