If your business is involved in activities that pose hazards to workers, you likely know that it is essential to curate the right occupational health and safety procedures. But did you know that bringing on an occupational hygienist plays a key role in protecting your most valuable asset―your workforce?

Occupational hygienists are highly skilled professionals who assess and analyse any risks posed by hazardous environments, so companies can take appropriate measures for prevention.

In this blog post, we will explore how having these experts on board could make all the difference when it comes to reducing risks, as well as some of the things you should look out for when hiring one. So, hold onto your hard hats, as it is time to jump into what makes these workplace superheroes so special!

How Do Occupational Hygienists Work

These occupational health and safety professionals use a scientific approach when assessing and analysing workplace environments. They consider any hazardous chemicals, materials, or processes that could potentially affect the health of employees―and then develop strategies to reduce any risks associated with them.

These experts also conduct surveys and inspections in order to detect any potential hazards. They will measure things like noise levels, air quality, temperature and radiation exposure, as well as inspect equipment for safety issues, such as poor maintenance or improper use.

Once an assessment has been conducted, occupational hygienists will recommend control measures to reduce the likelihood of harm caused by these hazards. This could include anything from administrative adjustments or engineering controls, like ventilation systems, to personal protective equipment (PPE), like respirators and ear defenders. These professionals may also provide advice to workers on how to stay safe while they are performing their respective tasks.

Why Hire Occupational Hygiene Services

Having occupational hygienists on board can offer a variety of benefits for your businesses, such as the following.

Improved Worker Health and Safety

These professionals will help ensure your business is observing all the proper industrial hygiene practices in order to create a safe working environment. For example, they may suggest measures to reduce exposure to hazardous substances, providing Safety Critical Medical services, or make sure workers are provided with the right PPE.

These professionals will also be able to assess and recommend safety training programs, as well as advise on any emergency preparedness plans. And, because they are trained to recognize early signs of health problems in workers, occupational hygienists can also provide proactive medical surveillance for employees.

Moreover, their expertise can be invaluable in the event of an incident. If a worker is injured on the job, for example, they will be able to investigate what went wrong and provide recommendations for preventing similar incidents in future.

Reduced Absenteeism

Absenteeism is one of the most common problems businesses face. By putting proper health and safety procedures in place, combined with expert advice from an occupational hygienist, you can reduce the number of workers taking time off due to illness or injury.

This professional can also create a proper occupational safety and health program, amongst other measures, to reduce the risks of workers getting hurt or developing a medical condition. This means that your business will always be running at full throttle, with fewer lost hours due to sick days.

Improved Worker Morale

When workers know that you are doing your best to keep them healthy and safe, their morale is likely to be higher. They will feel more secure and trusted, which can lead to better performance.

With the help of an occupational hygienist, you will be able to demonstrate that the safety of your employees is a priority for your business. This in turn could create a better atmosphere and ultimately improve morale, which is beneficial to both your employees and your company.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

The combination of good worker health and improved morale can add up to increased efficiency and productivity for your business. With proper occupational health management, oversight from occupational hygienists, and other measures that are meant to keep workers safe, you will find that there is less time spent dealing with absences.

Likewise, when workers feel more secure in their workplace, they may be more inclined to push themselves hard as they feel they have your trust and support. This means that everyone’s efforts are better focused on achieving goals rather than managing safety issues or caring for injured employees.

Maximised Worker Potential

There is always room for improvement in every employee, and occupational hygienists can help you unlock that potential. By focusing on safe working environments and the provision of health services, these professionals can ensure workers are capable of performing their duties to the best of their ability and with minimal risk. Not only will your business benefit from improved efficiency, but also from a more engaged workforce that is willing to go above and beyond in order to succeed.

Moreover, by providing better job opportunities and development programmes, you can attract and retain top talent who will become a valuable asset for your business.

Lower Healthcare Costs

Make no mistake—following proper workplace health and safety measures can save you a great deal of money in the long run. Medical treatments and caring for injured or ill employees can be very expensive, and hiring an occupational hygienist is likely to save you from such costs.

Regulatory Compliance

Non-compliance with state regulations can result in serious repercussions for businesses.

For example, if your mining company is found to have exceeded the occupational exposure limits, you may be fined heavily. Or, you could be sued for negligence and face hefty penalties.

An occupational hygienist helps you stay on the right side of the law by updating you with the relevant state regulations and ensuring that your business meets all the industry standards, preventing any negative consequences that could be devastating for your company.

Good Business Reputation

As a business owner, the last thing that you want is to have a negative reputation. Taking care of the health and safety of your workers not only helps you stay productive but also promotes your business as one that values its team members.

The public will recognize your commitment to protecting employees from harm, and it could potentially lead to more business with partners or better job candidates in the future.

Maximised Profits

At the end of the day, your goal would be to maximise your profits. With an occupational hygienist, you can have a more successful business that runs efficiently and is compliant with regulations. More customers, higher morale among your team, and better performance—all of these things contribute to increased profitability which can help you grow your business.

Hiring an Occupational Hygienist: 5 Important Things to Look For


Now that you know all the benefits of hiring an occupational hygienist, it is time to hire one for your business. Here are some important things to look for during your search.

1. Qualifications

It goes without saying that the one you hire should be certified to offer occupational hygiene services in Australia by an accrediting organisation, such as the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH). This guarantees that everything they do for your company is in line with the standards set by the industry.

2. Experience

This quality is extremely important for your occupational hygienist to be able to effectively identify risks and hazards. So, make sure you research their past projects to ensure they have worked in similar types of industries as yours.

3. Comprehensive Services

Look for an occupational hygiene company that provides a wide range of services. These services should include risk assessments, health and safety inspections, monitoring and control solutions, training on safe work practices, and advice on preventive measures.

4. Flexibility

As your business grows and evolves over time, so does the need for the occupational hygienist to keep up with any related changes. Make sure that the one you hire is open to adaptability to ensure consistent and sustainable results throughout their involvement in your company.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

Hiring an occupational hygienist can be expensive. Look out for one who offers affordable rates while still providing quality service. This can help you save some money, while still ensuring that your business is compliant with the industry regulations and standards for workplace health and safety.


Without a doubt, having occupational hygienists on board can bring priceless benefits to your business. Not only that these professionals can help you create a safe and healthy working environment for your employees, but they also ensure you stay compliant with the legal policies set for your industry. However, remember that these professionals are not created equal, so you should do your due diligence in hiring one for your company.

With the pieces of information you have gathered from this article, you can now confidently start hiring an occupational hygienist and create the best workplace for your team.

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