Did you know the average selling price for houses was $428,700 in the first quarter of this year? Such an offer would tempt us to kick start the selling process. But hold on for just a second.

Put some thought into getting an inspection before pre-listing. An inspection smoothens the sale process by reducing surprises throughout00 the journey. Few people realize that many house sales fail to go through because of the safety check from an inspection.

Get an edge over the others by scheduling a home inspection before you sell your house. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy.

Manage the Stressful Selling Process

Selling a house is easier in theory than it is in practice. Ask your peers who’ve tried selling a house before. One of the major obstacles to selling a house is the presence of hidden problems.

In your eyes, your house may be perfect. After all, you’ve been using it for a long time without any glitches. However, there might be, let’s say, slow leaks in the drainage that you are yet to discover.

Getting an inspection will reveal all the hidden and potential problems with your property. Knowing these problems in advance gives you the chance to fix them. You’ll have enough time to do the repairs before listing your property.

Most sales agreements require that you conduct all repairs before listing a property. If you forgo the pre-inspection, the chances are high that the buyer will raise issues later on. Pre-inspection relieves stressful thoughts about the sale falling through because of repairs you weren’t aware existed.

Correct Pricing

Pricing your house often puts you in a dilemma. Buyers will shun you if you set the price too high. And you stand to break even at the very best if you go too low.

A home inspection gives you the true picture of your property. The inspection reveals both the ups and downs of owning the property. This information is helpful during the negotiation for the pricing with the buyers.

You’ll have the advantage of selecting a slightly higher price than the market price if your house doesn’t have issues. This will be the case in most instances when you conduct an inspection. The inspection reveals defects that you ought to repair before negotiating prices.

Accelerating the Sales Process

Shrewd buyers would never settle for a property that’s camouflaging the defects. Don’t expect a buyer to rely on your word of mouth when you tell them your property is worth the amount you want. Buyers conduct their inspections to determine the exact condition of a property before committing to purchase it.

The problem with the buyer’s inspection is you’re never sure how long it will take. And you don’t know the issues the buyer will discover after conducting the inspection. Just imagine waiting months for someone to buy your property, only for them to reject it because of their inspection reveals.

Conducting a pre-listing inspection gives you evidence to argue your case. Signing up with our Tucson home inspection services puts you in a prime spot to demonstrate your house is in its best condition. A buyer who knows you already inspected the house is more likely to feel comfortable making an offer.

Understand that buyers have many options at their disposal when buying a house. Save time by repairing every major item before listing your house. Why would someone want to buy a house with issues when they can buy a similar property free from defects?

Improve Your Target’s Confidence

A house is a huge investment for a majority of the population. Expect a lot of the potential buyers to approach you with healthy skepticism during the negotiations for the house. Closing the deal will be easier if you can lower your target’s suspicion.

Buyers factor in the initial cost and other cost components as they evaluate your offer. For instance, buyers consider future repair costs and living costs in that property. The buyer’s offer will reflect these components, especially if they suspect the house has defects.

An inspection will help you lower your targets’ suspicion. The inspection lays bare the actual condition of the house. It gives the buyer confidence to make an offer that matches the assessment of the home inspection.

Makes It Easy for Agent’s to Sell a House

It’s easier and even faster to sell a house by working with a real estate agent. However, it would be best if you didn’t let your agent bear all the burden of making the sale a success. Even reputable agents still need a little bit of help to price properties correctly and find the right buyer.

An inspection simplifies these tasks for the agent. An agent who understands the exact condition of the property in question won’t have difficulties identifying similar properties for price comparisons. The inspection eliminates the unknowns during the negotiation process, thus enabling your agent to fetch reasonable prices.

Some buyers will insist on conducting their inspection even if you’ve done so. Ensure that your agent is around during the inspection. Doing so will enable your agent to have first-hand information on the inspector’s findings.

Buyers are notorious for using their inspection to negotiate prices downwards. When your agent is present at the inspection, they’ll prevent buyers from exaggerating issues.

Avoid Renegotiations

There’s a price at which you’d like to sell your house. However, when a buyer discovers serious issues with the property, they’ll renegotiate. This could spell doom if you were selling at a break-even price, maybe because of moving houses.

A pre-inspection saves you from having to sell your house for a song. The inspection gives you authority and confidence over the offer you’ll make.

Avoid the Foreseeable Pitfalls

The selling process has pitfalls that can derail your dream of disposing of your property. One of these pitfalls happens to be hidden defects present in a property. Finding and repairing these defects before listing will give you the confidence to close the deal at favorable terms.

Ensure you conduct a pre-inspection before selling your house. You’ll avoid problems that will stop you from selling or force you to sell at a lower price.

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